After finishing the purchase process an email containing your license key is sent to you by email. It is quite obvious that asking the key from the owner of that particular Windows operating system might not be the viable option. Windows 7 Key Finder supports all the versions of Windows operating systems which include Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.
Apart from serial code, this tool offers you with other information which include Versioning Info, Organization, Owner. Belarc Advisor software is a free diagnostic utility for Windows, which is capable to detect and show details about various hardware and software’s detail. The User Interface of the tool is poorly designed and presents the result in HTML format on browser. Once the installation is completed, it is going to update the software by connecting to the server.
After the software update is completed, it automatically scans the computer and will show the result on a webpage.

Here is a free tool namely, Windows 7 Key Finder which lets you find out the product key of any windows version. It can retrieve license key of all the software’s that are installed on the computer using a product key.
Sometime users are not able to keep the License Key of those products in a safe place and hence they have to look for a way around to get it, if in case of re-installation of those applications. The tool captures the license key of the product from the registry and shows up name of software installed along with the product key. So, to retrieve the license key of any product here is a tool called key finder, designed by Belarc Advisor software.
Since, Windows doesn't offer any such tool to retrieve license key so we have to rely on third party software.
If you purchased the paid softwares and installed in your system, you must note the serial keys for the further long-term usages.The operating system may be crashed by viruses and other several problems.
At that time you have to format your system and reinstall your operating system and then all softwares again.If you have all license keys of softwares, you can simply enter it and re-activate all applications.

Most of us do not note that keys so we will get head-ache and to find the CD's of paid softwares.Search Serials in your system with License CrawlerYou have not written license keys yet and you may think how to retrieve the keys from your system.
There is a freeware named "License crawler" is a simple tool to retrieve the serials of installed softwares in your system. This software scans through windows registry and lists all serials of registered softwares. You will get your own keys of windows Os, Ms-Office, Winamp, Nero and all of your applications.License Crawler can run within a portable devices.
After downloading this software, select your computer name and which registry part to be scanned.
You can save all license keys in a text file on your local drive or write down on the paper.

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