Update on September 2014: The situation has appeared to have changed, with transit now locally terminated, but the settings remain the same. Readers of this blog will know that I had changed over to Lycamobile for my data service because I wasn’t happy with the stability of the Optus network. The promotion this month gives us 2Gb of data for $10 – pretty much the same offering Kogan Mobile was giving us before they disappeared.
Inserting the phone in your SIM will result in the network sending you the network configuration.
The default name for the settings is LM AU GPRS DATA, and it’s the only carrier I know to make use of the username and password fields.
Barely minutes after I started using the service, I had already discovered some very different behaviour. As a result, when browsing, it typically feels slow and streaming takes a while to start compared to the other services. The longer the routes, the longer the latency and the higher likelihood of lost packets or encountering congestion. Although, the required application for Android can’t be downloaded due to geoblock, but side-loading may still be possible. The way Lycamobile provides its data service is fascinating, as your data packets travel halfway around the world just to get to the router, before then travelling around the world to their intended destination and back. Speed of downloads can suffer dramatically due to TCP’s performance issues along long-latency links, resulting in suboptimal use of the available bandwidth, and being slow to ramp up to speed. I'm a bit of a nut for electronics, computing, photography, radio, satellite and other technical hobbies.

Just found this article in the hunt for why my lyca mobile was so slow after switching from amaysim. Sorry, but again, that may be true for some networks but others in Australia are somewhat peculiar.
As Lycamobile offers a multi-homed SIM that has a roaming feature that operates somewhat differently to other SIMs, the SIM carries just one set of APN settings.
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GET THE LATEST OFFERSSubscribe now for our pick of the best deals delivered monthly to your inbox! Knowing Lycamobile had access to Telstra’s GPRS network, I was expecting really slow data, but they claimed to offer 3G as well which made me really excited. In fact, if you wanted to know what satellite internet feels like, this is definitely meeting a similar level of latency and QoS!
Despite this, because of the use of Telstra for the last-mile, the connectivity is generally more reliable for streaming radio on my morning commute than Optus and their resellers. It goes from the UK to the east coast of USA, through to the west coast of USA, then to Sydney.
The large number of hops makes it suboptimal for visiting sites optimized for local consumption, served by local servers, and makes you vulnerable to congestion along the way. Normal latency for 3G ranges from about 80-130ms, and even for dial-up, rarely was worse than 130ms.

It does boggle the mind to think that pulling the data back and forth may be the only option because of network constraints or due to cheaper transit costs. For that, you have to wait for the SIM to be enabled on the network (about 10 minutes) and dial a USSD code in the phonebook to get the number, and use that to register for online access.
To see latencies to Sydney servers of about 700ms makes this comparable to satellite internet, well known to be a complaint magnet.
That will let you top-up and make the necessary changes to your offer to get access to the bonus plan.
For some reason, the Lycamobile SIMs appear to be roaming when connected to the Telstra network. It also causes TCP to take longer to ramp up its send rate and make use of the bandwidth and it suffers dramatically if there is any loss, which would put it back into slow start. Lycamobile also periodically will re-send these messages to ensure that the latest updates in APN configuration are had by all, and to avoid support issues.
It’s probably got to do with the fact that Lycamobile is a multi-national operation and allows for the same SIMs to be used in countries with a Lycamobile presence.

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