It is much better to keep IMEI remembered are noted somewhere else where you can find it anytime later either in your email box or on notebook.
But if you didn’t noted down your phone IMEI and you have also lost the box or the purchasing receipt then you can also track it down. In the dashboard expand Android tab and you will see all of your devices registered here with IMEI detials.
Lost your phone and don’t know its IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number so that you can report it to concerned authorities.

When you report about your lost phone to concerned authorities, they track your lost smartphone by IMEI Number. In all these cases we need an IMEI number to report the incident to Telecom operators or law enforcement agencies. You can also find International Mobile Equipment Identity number by simply dialing *#06# from your phone dialer.
IMEI is a unique serial of numbers which is assigned to every digital GSM phone in the world.

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