There are many sites to know the country and state, but the best site to know about the name of the person is by using true caller. There are also many other sites to know the location.But to know the name True caller is the best one.
True caller is the most using and popular service to find contact details using a phone number.
If you want to find a phone number via truecaller, you should sign In with your Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account.
If your contact details are available on their database, you can rid from their list by submitting truecaller unlist form. You know, nowadays Facebook is the most using and popular social media network among the world.
If anyone disturb you or your wife or girlfriend by calling from unknown number, you may go to police station or cyber cell and give a complaint with that mobile number. Call to unknown caller from another anonymous number like an unexpected call, and try to make friendship and find the name and address.

Here are some awesome Android tips for you Find the name of the unknown caller, right before attending the call, or trace those people who give missed calls from unknown mobile numbers.
If you give and search a number, truecaller will bring the contact name of given phone number.
This is not a regular mobile trace service that pulls the provider and state or area of that number. By log In to your account, your account will be connected with truecaller, that is truecaller gets your name with your mobile number. You can trace mobile number Location and owner's name Address and location of any unknown number easily.
If someone create an account on Facebook using mobile number, then you can search such user by mobile number. The service pulls information from social media networks like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn etc and uses some advanced technology to trace name of the caller.
Just read the post below and you can know the Owner name and his country service provider and state.

The app also uses cloud service where a TrueCaller user can share their information to the cloud which can be accessed by other users.
The service is available in many countries including India.Know who is calling, right before you pick-up the callTruecaller app is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian OS and Blackberry. If you are happy with your name and number being public then go ahead and try your friends numbers. If you are unhappy with your details being publicly visible, then you need to un-list yourself from the TrueCaller database.

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