A yellow Ericsson t10 was the first proper mobile in the family, so I used that whenever I went somewhere or needed it. I had one and hated it, I seem to remember you couldn't access your saved numbers for texting so you had to remember them. Made an agreement with another GAF member, refused to honor it because he was broke, but then had no problem continuing to buy video games. Imei number, What is imei number in telecommunications, how to find imei, how is imei structured, how to check if imei is valid and more.

How find imei number phone - hacktrix, Imei number, , international mobile equipment identity number 15 digit number uniquely identifies mobile phone.
And with proper I mean there was a really old Motorola before it but it's lost now and I don't remember what model it was.
After that one had run its course I got a 3510i which was one of the first phones with a color display. I can take pictures but I dont have internet or anything with my phone so they are just for my own personal viewing.

After that I got a Sony Ericsson k800i which I only recently swapped for a Samsung Omnia HD which I've been using for almost a few years now.

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