Police departments have reported a recent surge in iPhone thefts in many states including New York, Washington, St.
Police spokesman Paul Browne told media that 74 percent of all stolen Apple devices are found within the city limits and that one iPad stolen in New York was tracked to the Dominican Republic with Apple's Find My iPhone app. Later this year, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint -- plan to share a database of stolen phones, hoping to dry up the black market for the devices. If it finds your device, it will zoom in on the map and show the location of the device using a blue dot. 3.When your device is found, a window will pop up over the blue dot (if it disappears because you clicked elsewhere on the page, just click the blue dot again to get it back). 6.If you think your device is on the move, click the curved arrow at the top right corner of the screen to refresh and get a new fix on your device's location. If you're lucky enough to get your stolen or lost iPhone back, maybe you've lost some important data on iPhone.
If your service is provided by AT&T and you know your iPhone has been stolen, report it immediately by calling 1-800-331-0500 and have the service deactivated. Thieves have avoided detection from wireless carriers by swapping out SIM cards of stolen phones. The app Find My iPhone enables iPhone owners to locate their phone on a map, display a message on its screen, remotely set a passcode lock and delete data from the phone. You can zoom in or out of the map, and view it in map, satellite, and hybrid modes, like any Google Map.
You can send a message--for instance, letting someone know how to return the device to you--that will appear onscreen like a text message. This will allow you to remotely lock the device's screen and set a passcode (even if you hadn't previously used a passcode) to protect personal data.

If your phone is misplaced, it's always a good idea to suspend your wireless service to protect against unauthorized usage. The New York Police Department said a rise in stolen Apple products -– nearly 4,000 more than the previous year. But the new stolen phone database will track the serial number of each stolen device, making them inoperable in the United States. If the device is turned off, the map will display its last known location, not necessarily its current location. New York police officers have started working with Apple in cope with theft of iPhones and iPads. You will still be charged your monthly recurring fee while service is voluntarily suspended.
The Bridgeview farm is 80 acres.A  Right down the path from this house is a newer home Jack had built in the 1970's. Lil Woulfe did me a HUGE favor by gathering family information for me which made it possible to complete the name list below.A Dunganville?
The present-day address of the Woulfe farm at Dunganville is - Bridgeview, Dunganville, Ardagh, Co.
Townlands vary from fairly large to sometimes containing only one or 2 farms.A Sometimes their boundaries are known only to the locals and the Postman.
A  Ardagh is the Post Office address, arrived at because the town of Ardagh is only about 2 miles away.
If you everA examine a parish map, the farm is in the Parish of Newcastle West.A Up until the 19th century, the area was also known as Glenquin, the old Baronial name.
I also learned from Lill that the property was once leased from the Massey family before my family acquired it.

I learned more about the farm's history from Paul MacCotter's research.A  He discovered that there were 3 Woulfe farms adjacent to one another in the early 19th century (plotted as 2a, 3a, and 4b) A In land records from about 1820 to 1850, we find that John, James, and Edmond Woulfe lived there. Edmond was their nephew - his father (name unknown) may have been a brother of John or James.
The 3 WoulfesA came to the Dunganville farms from Athea.A  In the early 1800's, just about every farm in the Athea area was owned by a Woulfe, and there just weren't any left for the next generation.
Given the popularity of the name Bridget at the time, I'm assuming that's most likely what it was.A  From graveyard inscriptions, I find that James married Johanna MacKessey From Knocknaderry. From Graveyard and Newcastle West baptism records, I know that John Woulfe had several sons. So, the first John Woulfe on the Dunganville farm was likely born around 1800.A A  My cousin Jack at the same Dunganville farm, asked other family members, and they confirm this stone is that of our ancestors.
1878 age 76 years (he would have been born in 1802) - his mother Johanna Woulfe March 10 1866 age 46 years. Doocateen is only about 3 or 4 miles south of Dunganville, and is about 3 miles north of Newscastle west. This Doocateen James born in 1802 would be of the same generation as John and James of Dunganville. Working from Gravestone information, 2a John was born around 1800, 3a James was born around 1778. But - is his son Edmond James of Doocateen the same 4a Edmond mentioned on the Dunganville farms in 1852?

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