The software, which is called “Find my iPhone,”will be offered at no charge for customers who have upgraded to the latest iOS 4.2 mobile software.
If your phone ends up in someone else’s possession, this feature will let whoever is keeping your iPhone (or iPad) know they should call a specified number that you have chosen.
In fact, calling this number from the iPhone becomes the only option available on the phone in Lost Mode, other than unlocking by entering the passcode.

If you had already enabled the passcode lock feature, you will be asked to enter a phone number (the next step). If somebody finds the phone, there are two options (a) calling the number you entered in step 5 or (b) unlocking the device by entering the passcode (the passcode  that was set up initially or the one you created when enabling Lost Mode). Since the person who finds your phone will not know the passcode, the only available option is to call the number.

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