With SIMple, you can easily create, edit, and backup SIM card phonebook entries using your PC and stop typing in information using the mobile phone's keypad.
Dekart SIMple is an application for browsing, managing, and manipulating the SIM card phonebook data.
Features and Benefits Supports all languagesDekart SIMple stands out from the competitor products by its ability to create phonebook entries in ANY local character set used by Windows operating system. Gazelle’s condition calculator appraises the value of your Galaxy Smartphone by model and carrier.
Samsung Galaxy S (GT-i9000): The first Galaxy S smartphone from Samsung, this launched in June 2010 worldwide as an unlocked model.
Samsung Epic 4G (SPH-D700): The Sprint variant of the Galaxy S was the first to include a full QWERTY keyboard. Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G (SGH-T699): A full QWERTY update to the Galaxy S Blaze 4G from T-Mobile. Samsung Galaxy S II (SGH-T989): The S II for T-Mobile featured a different form factor from the other S II models.
Samsung Galaxy S II (SPH-D710): Originally named the Epic Touch 4G, it was later changed to Galaxy S II.
Samsung Galaxy S III (SGH-T999): The T-Mobile Variant of the Galaxy S III was released in June 2012.
Samsung Galaxy S III (SCH-i535): The Verizon version of the Galaxy S III comes in both 16GB and 32GB versions.

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini (GT-i8190): The S III mini features a smaller screen and slower processor compared to the flagship S III.
This version (1.09) is now called SIMple and is sold only as part of the SIM Reader package. Originally released in August 2010, it shared the same design as the unlocked version (GT-i9000). The Sprint version used 4 bottom keys instead of the home key found on the international version.
This model raised the bar for Android devices and is considered the world’s best phone next to the iPhone. Take the battery out of the back, and you should find an identification sticker with model information. If you need to manage Nextel cards, read and recover deleted SMS messages and enjoy other new features, please, take a look at the latest version of Dekart SIM Manager.
Edits SIM card phone entries Dekart SIMple enables searching, editing, sorting, deleting, adding and changing SIM card phone entries . This is one of the easiest tricks to help you identify your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone model number. GSM operators would find Dekart SIMple useful too as it provides such special features as the possibility to view SIM serial number, PIN1 and PIN 2 state, technical data of the SIM card phonebook, its memory size and the number of free entries. Backup phonebook dataDekart SIMple has the option of performing backups and then restoring the SIM card phonebook data.

The second generation of the Galaxy S (Galaxy S II) arrived at T-Mobile and AT&T as the Galaxy S II. The AT&T version (SGH-i777) stayed true to the design of the International unlocked version of the Galaxy S II (GT-i9100), while the T-Mobile version (SGH-T989) featured a bigger screen and bigger body.
PIN code managementDekart SIMple allows changing, unblocking, activating and deactivating SIM card's PIN code. The Sprint version of the Galaxy S II (SPH-D710) was initially released as the Epic Touch 4G. Supports all GSM SIM card typesDekart SIMpleworks with any GSM sim card type: phase 1, 2, 2+ and USIM cards.
The Galaxy S III from Samsung took a page from the iPhone playbook by offering one product name across every carrier.
Not only is this easier for the consumer, but it has allowed Samsung to market to every U.S consumer with unified messaging and ads.

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