He nods while looking at her profile, her face no more than four feet away from where he is.
In addition to the handbag, there is a short-sleeved lavender blouse and a floral print skirt that comes to her knees. He thinks he might have seen her the night before in the casino, but he isn't sure about this. Three children, elementary-school age, and two adults, a man and a woman, come down the concrete path from a pair of glass doors, children running ahead to come up to the edge of the shallow, slow moving water where the birds stand, three birds on one leg, two birds with their necks bent down and their heads upside-down in the water eating.
He eavesdrops and imagines that the woman next to him with the lip gloss and the huaraches is doing the same.
The woman next to him turns away from the birds to look at him, which was what he was waiting and hoping for. She seems to listen to this even after the statement is finished, as if its resonance requires attention. Her expression, having gone through several changesa€”playful, questioning, humorousa€”is now serious.
My favorite part of our knit alongs is the wonderful and amazing community of knitters who join in each year! Huaraches are on her feet, and they, more than anything else, hint at possibility, or so he thinks. Along the edge of her left ear four silver studs wink, while on her one forearm cooper, or bronze, bangles tinkle pleasantly when she moves her arm, the arm that's connected to the hand that holds the paper cup.

It is family chitchat and it is all about the birds, questions and answers, but the adults don't have all the answers. The birds remain unchanged, two eating, three sleeping, the sleeping ones standing on a single stick-like leg. He saw the handbag when she walked up to look at the birds, her arrival drawing his attention. One thing I notice and treasure so much is the loving and kind group of knitters in our Ravelry group.
He, having arrived first, was already standing and looking at the birds, the nearest bird no more than five feet away, birds neither fenced nor caged nor hobbled in any way.
Of course there are her glasses, rectangular and fashionable, transparent plastic with a blue tint in the frames.
He smiles back, but his smile is crooked, the left side of his face passive, the right bunched up. The two adults, both in safari shorts, both with tanned legs, both nearly overweight, come up to stand in back of the children. He, on the other hand, is ten years beyond that, but he is rangy, and there's weather on his clean-shaven face, and he figures this makes him look younger. He's used to it, though, because everyone looks at this, looks at his crooked smile, the result of a pinched nerve from falling off a swing when he was four years old.
With the sun's glare gone, his eyes relax and he imagines the woman's eyes relaxing as well.

I myself am beyond inspired by the wip's, the pattern suggestions, the yarn choices, your progress pics, and more! I love it and for that I'm so thankful for you all joining along and knitting with me each year.If you haven't joined in on Ravelry please do. Nevertheless, since no one else is around, just the two of them, ideas of possibility bubble in his eager mind. It's where all the special stuff happens :) There is also a lot of fun on Instagram as well!
Even if you're shy, or usually just like to sit back and follow along, I urge you to step out of your comfort zone and just jump in.
He hopes the cologne he splashed on his cheeks and neck after shaving is fulfilling its design.
I promise you'll be welcomed by a wonderful group of people who will be more than happy to hear from you and meet you.Ravelry is fun to use but can sometimes seem intimidating if you've never used it.

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