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That was one of the few memories Hikari could recall, at least, besides what had caused her to forget almost everything in the first place. When Hikari woke up, she had immediately tried recalling what had happened, how she had ended up in some weird laboratory.
Bio: Sora's life has been nothing but hard work and studying, in fact, shes always been extremely sheltered.
Slipping from the room Sora now held a small brown suit case, and in the other hand a note. 20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant.
If you wanna try something completely different tell me and I'll make up a character for it xD I do not cyber, But I will do romance. Being royalty, she is often sent out on mission to other plants, one of those planets sometimes being earth. If one were to look through the canopy, toward the far off stars they would find a glowing light falling down at an alarming rate. I don't want her to be stuck with a specific story or anything, so, she doesn't have to be a school girl or anything. Appearing in a flash of light just a few feet above a large grassy field, Nana landed with a bit of a thud. Currently resting upon a low branch was a young girl, at least that's what she seemed to be.
It seemed that she had come across an un-mapped part of the forest, and was now hopelessly lost. Oh wow, Ahahaha!" Taiyou, a small, bird sized fairy lay on the forest floor, hugging her stomach.
Sent on missions to earth, she can often times be found fighting demons, or protecting people. The girl knew very little about it all, but as far as she knew, it was hardly more harmful than the regular flu, or the once popular a€?swine flua€™.
In fact, she had grown to be a rather anti-social person, wanting nothing more than to lose herself in books.
She was only a few pages in, but had already become totally and completely enthralled by it. The boys eyes were hidden by thick black bangs, his head hung low as he continued chanting the needed words. The white light slowed as it came closer to the forest floor, coming to a complete halt just inches above it. Living in the palace most of her life, and not coming outside very often she enjoys the small things.
Leaning back against the tree base the girls long red dress hung from the branch, swaying back and forth a bit with the cool breeze. Though, she doesn't have many friends thanks to the fact she usually robs the people she meets. Reddish-brown eyes scanned the inside of the bag, curious as to what she had actually taken. Today seemed like such a beautiful day, not a cloud in sight, all types of small creatures roaming about. And to Hikari's surprise nothing seemed to be broken, she could move around, still function properly.
Long pink hair was pushed around and tangled by the cool breeze, the curled ends coming to a stop at the girla€™s waist. From what she had seen, most everyone in her neighborhood had already become a brainless zombiea€¦But she hoped more than anything that her best friend, Nick, had managed to find a safe spot. Most fairy tails were so sweet from beginning to end, with a little problem thrown in the middle. If one were to think to Roman times, you'd get a pretty clear vision as to the type of world the girl was coming from. Suzumi was taking pictures of just about anything and everything, even things people probably wouldn't find very interesting.
Though, it was hard to tell thanks to the large orange scarf currently hiding the lower half of her face. Her mother died when she was about 12 from cancer, and has lived with her father for many years now. She currently sat upon some strangera€™s roof, the only safe place she could think of to go. She was at the forests edge watching the wheat field as if it was one of the most amazing things she had ever witnessed. Most rose early to begin their daily jobs, while the younger villages began their usual games and little adventures.

The biggest difference was her kinds mastery of magic, which had given them the ability to do things like travel to other worlds. Although she loves to just hang out and play around, she understands her duties, and works hard in her lessons.
She lives alone in a forest usually only traveling around during the day if she gets hungry. Dropping to all fours she scanned the forest floor, spotting what looked to be a garden snake. Being about the size of a small bird she gets through life being less than half the size of a normal person. It's time!" Pushing back the curly black hair that fell in front of her face, she quickly began making her way to one of the forest paths. Made different from the rest of the dolls she had a unique look, and wasn't put out to be sold. Pushing the mop she held back and forth a couple more times over the stone pathway she stopped and began to rest her chin on the end of it, placing one hand over the other.
Afraid of chickening out Sora quickly placed the note on the desk beside their bed, giving them one last glance before rushing to the front door. Now, she wasna€™t a runaway, nor was she enjoying a lovely night; She was simply hiding from the horrifying creatures that had infested her neighborhooda€¦and the rest of the world, as far as she knew. The main reason she hadna€™t fled to the city just yet was to see if he was still alive and well. Tears ran down her cheeks, her mind began to spin along with everything else, though her hand still reached out for him. Large rectangular buildings reached toward the sky, strange metal objects zoomed through the streets. The moment both feet hit the ground the light dissolved, floating away as nothing more than tiny white specs. If one were to look to the girls current location, chances were they wouldn't spot anything.
A little ways outside this fairly happy village, within the dark and gloomy woods sat a cabin. Otherwise she can be found sleeping in her self made fort~ She always has issues with wolf demons trying to take over her territory! Once in a while she sees posters with a drawing similar to her, it seems their is now a bounty on her head. All the while she tried her best not to wake her sister who had been sleeping soundly beside her. Anyone who had taken it was transformed into a terrifying creature with rotting skin, and pupil-less eyes, if any eyes at all. Nana hadn't done much research before coming to earth, and had no idea as to where she would be staying.
The bright sun shone down, making many of the small white flowers look as if they were glowing. Soryko didn't feel sorry for the person she had stolen it from, it was their own fault for leaving their bag unwatched. In a quick attempt to pounce the black and yellow snake she fell forward plopping onto the ground.
She didn't bother brushing her short golden hair, seeing as it always looked the same no matter what she did with it.
Once the sun had fully risen she would begin her journey, even if she wasn't exactly sure what it was just yet.
Oh how she wished her mind was simple as hisa€¦So simple, that she would have no fear of the zombies, and other mutated beings lurking just below them. They would attack humans, sometimes animals as well, infecting them all with just one scratch or bite.
She had a feeling that those who were left had found a place to hide in the city, maybe they had even gone underground.
The girls eyes widened, only just noticing how torn and bloodied Hiro's clothes had become. Hiro cringed as a sharp pain ran through his back, and another gash appeared on his shoulder. She wore a long white gown, the front ending just above the knees while the back trailed across the forest floor. From the outside it looked practically unlivable, but if one were to step through the creaky old door they would find a neat, and clean home. Over her right shoulder hung a purple bag, inside it was nothing more than 5 earth dollars and what looked to be a mirror. Her wings are a lot like butterfly wings, causing pink dust to trail behind wherever she goes. Hikari and an acquaintance of hers had gotten a little closer during that time, and both had a lot more alcohol than they should have. The sun hadn't risen just yet, the feint glow of the moon could still be seen shining through their bedroom window. The girl crawled back up to her original spot, her hand resting on the only weapon she could find, a baseball bat.
The girl held him close, giving him a small kiss on the cheek before her eyes closed, and she could no longer hold onto consciousness. The outside appearance had obviously caused rumors to spread, seeing as most villagers feared going anywhere near it. A dark strapless black dress, the front ending just a bit above the knees while the back trailed a few inches across the ground. And of course their were the clothes on her back, which just happened to be a school uniform they pulled from the school she'd be going to. Chasing down a rabbit she took pictures of every hop it made, even managing to run along side it. Rolling over she stared up at the sky, only to be surprised by the sudden appearance of rain clouds.

Letting out another small sigh she continued to walk in random directions in hopes that it would take her the right way. Nana pushed back a bit of long golden hair before stepping into the portal, the blue-ish light engulfing her whole body. Sure, sneaking into someones home without permission was pretty rude on earth, but back in her own home they welcomed strangers all the time. It wasn't long before she reached the top, but as she thought no town of any sort was in site.
Placing the mop against the wall Sky dusted her uniform off a bit before heading toward the shop. One of the things she found most exciting, was that within this army of darkness were members of the resistance.
As her feet met the ground, the girls body began to appear little by little, as if she had just been created right then and there. Sitting for a moment she gasped as all three pictures fell from her pockets, gliding toward the forest floor. She'd basically be a real person if it wasn't for the fact she doesn't have a beating heart.
She had only been in this place for three days, but was already starting to get a little weirded out. Hiro simply laughed, which only made the girl more angry, more desperate to stop the spell. She tightened her grip on the large silver sword she possessed, resting it on her right shoulder. A sigh of relief escaped her lips once the invisibility spell went away and the simple things she had enjoyed so much returned to her.
Stepping outside Hazel walked silently across the mossy forest floor, her bare feet not making a single noise. Leaving the bunny be she pushed passed a group of sunflowers, only to come across a path made of tan-ish stone. It seemed as though they would run into trouble sometime soon and it was her job to help protect them.
An animal liked tail swayed along with the wheat as she strolled through it, her fingers running along the tips.
Kukai new nothing about Hikari's family, or really how she had ended up in her horrible condition.
The girl took a couple slow steps, as if testing the ground, before briskly making her way through the forest.
For now she hoped to at least get close to the forests edge and sneak up on some of the braver teenagers that ventured into the forest. She would stay their till morning, and then make her way to the school she'd been assigned to. It was amazing that she was even still alive, though the other person didn't have such luck. Get back here!" She called after him, standing there for a moment only now noticing the gallon of milk that had fallen over. Moving down the path she picked a couple sunflowers amazed at how large and beautiful they were.
Laying on the end she curled up in a small ball, curling her tail around herself for warmth. What looked like pink powder began to fall from her wings as she picked up speed, twirling around and over branched the higher she went. Although she enjoyed bringing luck to things other than fields, this village had been her home for quite a while. Get back in here!" Racing to the front door she ran outside, only to be drenched by the pouring rain.
Picking at the sunflowers petals nervously she continued toward it, holding the camera with her other hand she took a picture of the mansion. While examining a small crystal figure of what looked to be a rose, her father somehow managed to bump into her causing Sky to fall forward. Kite sighed once more, turning her thoughtful stroll into a quick sprint toward the village.
Her plan was this: She would stow away in a travelers cart, a traveling salesman to be exact. The owner of both mansion and shop had a long conversation with her dad, and after talking to one another it was decided. She hopped rumors of her hadn't spread to visitors as well, this way whoever she ended up with might be more accepting.
Sky would be stuck their, working for some strange man until she could pay for what had been broken. Not bothering to hide herself with some sort of spell Kite quickly scanned the carts, pulling back the cover of one to find it full of animal pelts. Due to the carts placement, beside the trail that led out of the village she had a feeling they wouldn't be selling pelts anytime soon. Not long after, the villagers began to emerge from their homes, many merchants and such that had stayed only for a few days grabbing their things and preparing to leave.
Her dad didn't seem to put up any fight, as if he had planned the whole thing, wanted to leave her their. As Ruby had explained everything she wasn't so nice about it, and even seemed to be jealous of something, but what?
And eventually, he'd come out to take care of the shop himself "Good evening, sir." Sky greeted him.

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