So now it seems only MTN is shafting their subscribers, still not available on my BF's Z10, considering popping my Sim into his phone to give him the update. OP you should really know better then expecting, service, knowledge or any general kind of clue from all our incompetent Carriers and their ignorant staff. Someone walked into a Vodacom in Bedfordview the other day, he was having issues figuring out the gestures of the device properly and couldn't figure out how to go back, he handed the device to the sales assistant, who mind you had been bashing BlackBerry saying how awful the new devices are and how difficult to use and that he should have gotten something else like a Samsung.
You and other Z10 users on the MTN network should start bombing their FB page until they give you answers on the update. Posted via CB10 from my Z10 Wow I really want to post this on their Facebook page right now!
Originally Posted by Justin Bekker Wow I really want to post this on their Facebook page right now!

Posted via CB10 Vodacom gets it on their FB page all the time from me, since they are my carrier and after the fit I threw when they had the cheek to delete my post off their wall, it NEVER happened again. I definitely think what happened in the Bedfordview store needs to on BlackBerry and Vodacom page, was a disgrace! As for Altech I was talking to them on behalf of my BF, he is still cursing the fact that he stayed with them, when he heard how rude the call centre drone was to me, I thought his head would explode. Justin you are more then welcome to share these experiences, people need to be made aware of what little effort our carriers make to educate their staff and the carriers need to be aware that their lacklustre efforts are not good enough for us, especially considering the exorbitant fees they so happily charge us. The constitution gives you right to voice your opinion freely contrary to what those incompetent power hungry fools think. Needless to say I showed the poor man, since she refused and he walked out the door a happy camper.

3G is quicker then HSPA, I nearly passed out when he said that, following him being completely rude and telling me I should take it up with tech support who confirmed in not so many words that the call centre staff are IDIOTS.
I am a customer who pays all my bills and always on time and if no other reason then terms of my contract, I am fully entitled to service from them. So that complaint is going onto their FB page as well and if ignored the next step is head office.
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