While Australian travellers visiting the UK enjoy discounted global roaming rates from Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, buying a local prepaid SIM card delivers big savings when your stay extends beyond just a few days.
It also gives you the convenience of a local UK (+44) mobile number for your UK business contacts to call without being slugged by international calling or messaging charges of their own. There's no shortage of carriers and re-sellers to choose from, but our pick of the bunch are Giffgaff’s range of SIM-only plans which allow you to choose from a list of pre-paid inclusions running on the O2 mobile phone network.
It works like this: a few days before you leave Australia, head to the Giffgaff website to order a free SIM card and have it delivered to your hotel in London or elsewhere in the UK. Also thrown in are unlimited calls to other Giffgaff users, so if you’re travelling with colleagues and all switch to Giffgaff during your visit, you can keep in touch while out and about without burning through your allocation of included minutes.
Crunching the numbers, a £10 recharge is ample for a 30-minute call to an Australian mobile, a two-hour teleconference to an office landline back home plus 35 text messages to overseas numbers.

Chris lives by the motto that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, a great latte, an opera ticket and a glass of wine! The O2 network (which Giff Gaff uses) in the UK was atrocious when I was there a few years ago, but hopefully it's better now with the new spectrum they bought for 4G. Is it best to get a sim for the country you land in first and roam in the other or is there a better option?
Hi sdtravel, this scenario isn't something we've covered and would require further research on our part to answer your question, so isn't something we can provide assistance with. But for the price and the fact you'll only need it temporarily while travelling I'm sure it's going to be better than trying to use your Aussie sim. Choosing a gigabag will designate your connection as data-only, though, and can't be paired with recharge credit for calls back home or in the UK.

Eg get the To Mobile SIM from your USA review and roam in the UK before heading to the USA? Their plans also include free roaming to many countries under their 'Feel at home' roaming. Now that I've got my uk visa I got a contract with O2 and it's probably the worst coverage (regularly drops to gprs in the north of England and especially in Scotland) and if you go anywhere with high population (ie: London) the congestion makes it unusable during peak.

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