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It turns out that I am not the only one who has a notion that advertising by Popeyes Southern Fried Chicken exploits racial stereotypes.  Social media site members and bloggers are calling the Popeyes campaign racist. A statement from Popeyes CMO Dick Lynch said that Annie is meant to be an “honest, vibrant, youthful and authentic” character. In the latest ad, she even appears in front of a picnic table and a lawn lined with southern oaks.
The first few advertisements were OK, but when they put her on a lawn lined with large Southern oaks, I thought “plantation.”  Then I considered those theories surrounding the origin of  “picnic” as being a social event ending in a lynching (though etymologists may take issue). So, keep an eye on Popeyes, and see where its ad campaign takes Annie, and what she might do next to sell more chicken. My only problem is that she is referring to the company as her company, (her chicken) Knowing that she does not own the company. You know it was said that the man referred to as Uncle Ben never got paid a dime.AND THEY STILL USE HIS PICTURE AFTER HIS DEATH!
When I 1st saw this woman and heard that fake Southern accent I thought it was a damn joke. Jordan, your ignorance shows, not only in your content, but your obvious lack of grammar and spelling skills. Far too many of us still wear mastas brand and volunteer to walk the road of slavery to be trendy with those they feel are in.
Stupid conspiracy crap, no one is roping you and dragging you into a Popeyes and shoving it down your throat.
Everytime I turn on my TV I see white pple most of the time so why not have a African American on a commercial every once in awhile regardless what its advertising!

I appreciate your general point of view, Ebonee, but it’s just not a racist topic, one way or the other. They were built to compete with the Mustang (a battle that still rages today), but I’ve always viewed them as being slightly more muscle car and a little less pony than the Mustang. They want to stop stereotypical advertisements, while they continue to help increase the company’s profit. I enjoy Popeyes occasionally and I’m not obese (slightly paunchy), I accept my responsibility as an adult with respect to everything in my life, including my diet and weight.
Granted the line between those two is a fairly thin one, but there is just something about their design that seems more muscular and less agile to me.
If she is speaking the way she naturally does or those who are from Louisianna, what is the Big Fucking Deal!!!! Although I was a child during civil rights movement, I was raised by parents that saw the important value of being aware of history and what we make of it today.
If you expect people to listen to your point of view come up with something that remotely resembles intelligent thought process. I believe that there should be as many black people in commercials, movies, tv, sports, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the way they look and I wouldn’t mind being the owner of this example, but they just seem to fit in a strange midpoint between pony and muscle!
This supposed one (most likely it’s really 2) owner Camaro has been listed here on eBay in South Hackensack, New Jersey with a $5,000 opening bid. Acceptable forms of payment are Cash (In person only) Bank to Bank wire transfers and Direct Deposit,Cashiers check,Paypal (Certain Methods May require payment to process before vehicle can be released).we reserve the right to cancel, amend, or modify the listing at any time. I seriously doubt Deidrie Henry is even from Louisiana because there is no masking a true Louisiana accent. My career was cut short by friendly fire, because 3 American Air Force AP’s, from Boston, didn’t like the idea Black and Hispanic soldiers dancing with white women in the NCO Club.
You, and others like you, spend to much time crying about non issues like this when priests and teachers are molesting our children and Muslims are hell bent on killing us because we have a different life style. This one has the universally known and loved 350 V8, an engine that you can find in everything from family sedans to pickups and even in the Corvette.
This goes for all the rest of you that have a problem with Annie, black, white, or any other race!
In my book, that’s all you can really ask for in a pony!As you can see, this Camaro has some rust issues, plus the paint is looking pretty rough.

Being one of the most popular classic cars around means parts are readily available and you can even get all new bodies.
Being a 4 speed V8 car, I can see this being well worth the work it will take to fix up, although I think the price is a bit too high.
Cubs owners, actually DOCUMENTED that strategy to throw back at blacks when they planned on racially attacking obama in the election. Of course my willingness to buy it would come down to the rust and the reserve, but I could really see myself behind the wheel of this one! Have you seen the new, 2014 Toyota Carolla commercial with the Black DJ and the 70’s style Soul Train line? The two remaining pieces that I don’t have are a TIG welder and an English wheel I do have pretty well every thing else. One of the tricks that I have not shared is what metal to use when making your own patches. Automotive bodies are either 20 or 22 gauge sheet metal which is pretty dam thin, when your doing small patches especially in hard to get at spots.
Use 18 or even 16 gauge sheet metal, the reason being that when your welding it in it will handle more heat and you can direct your weld puddle more onto the patch then you would onto the body metal. I think that almost any car body can be repaired ( with exception of the odd 356 body ) with the right tools and effort. I personally own an all original low mileage 1997 Z28 Camaro LT1 that handles and has plenty of power.
I’m sure it would out run and handle any stock generation 2 small block 350 Camaro all day long.
Also in my opinion my generation 4 Camaro is built much better than the earlier Camaros to include better gas mileage. The later Camaros aren’t in the (collector zone) yet but soon they too will be sought after in due time.
The only fault I would put against my Camaro would be the use of too much plastic in the interior, but other than that I love it’s handling, power, and looks.

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