Nokia phones use a shortcode which gives you information about the cell phone.  Key in *#0000# from the main menu to bring up the display.
Most other handsets have an option in the settings to show you information about your phone and it will just take a bit of hunting around in the settings menu to locate it. If you’re still unable to identify your phone, it might be worth asking a friend or family member if they know what phone you’ve got, or taking it into a shop that specializes in cell phones.
To find out the IMEI number on your handset type *#06# from your homescreen or if that does not work , you might find the number beneath your phone battery.
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And if you purchased the phone from a genuine retailer, you can also find the number in your bill.
His current phones include the Nokia Lumia 1020 , Apple iPhone 5S & Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition.
Below you can check all known information regarding manufacturer, model type, and country of approval of a handset. We are sure a lot of users using illegally imported phones and knock-offs would be affected. To make life easy we have discovered a free online tool that lets you validate your IMEI number.The free tool hosted on the numbering plans website lets you analyze the IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity numbers.

It displays the Mobile Brand and Model number the number was originally issued for and also the name of the issuing authority along with the date.

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