In the past couple of years, Mobile has become Something more in our daily life than just a communication device. There are a lot of Options and features made available in Smartphones and integrated with the Core Mobile Operating systems in both IOS And Android with every update, to find the lost Smartphone.
But To take those chances of finding it, we need the most important data of our Mobile Phone, which is it’s IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) number. Inorder to use the android mobile to it’s full potential, you need to Sign in to your android mobile with your gmail account. This will give you drop down Section which gives the IMEI, Model number, Manufacturer, Network Carrier information, and Also the App Backup Information of all your android devices used with this particular GMail Account. For Android Users, I suggest them to activate the Device manager Option in their android mobiles which helps us to track the mobile with it’s exact coordinates on Google Maps using Google Account.
Advanced Gmail Search with Regular Expressions Tech Guides About Us Work 13 Jul 2012 Use Regular Expressions to Find Anything in your Gmail Mailbox Gmail search doesn’t support regular expressions or wildcard character searches by default but you can perform such complex searches in Gmail with the help of Google Docs. If you're an Android user, it's likely that you already have the Google Hangouts app on your phone, and if you have an iPhone you can download the app for your device too. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to receive the latest Geek Squad articles and info direct to your inbox. If one of our agents has given you a 6 digit login code, please type it into the box below.
Be extremely wary of sellers who do not want to use the messaging centre, or meet in person. If this image violates your copyright, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we receive your feedback. With the rise of market for Smartphones, Major companies Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi are targeting India and China to become the Leader in the World’s Smartphone Market.

But Still finding a lost mobile is Mission Impossible in INDIA as all those features and services depends mostly on Internet, Data Connection.
This makes the phone useless on that network and sometimes it can’t even work on other networks too even if the SIM Card is changed.
This enables you to sync your mobile data with your Google account, which acts like a backup of your contacts , settings, app data and Information regarding your mobile phone.
Our retail partner, Carphone Warehouse, compare the best deals and tariffs to save you money - check out their range of 4G phones now. Not to Forget, with the rise of smartphones market and demand, the theft, Lost and Missing cases of mobile phones, smartphones are also increasing every other day. This number is used by GSM networks to Identify the valid devices and therefore this can used to blacklist a stolen mobile phone from using the mobile network, in some cases all other networks too. Google Hangouts is Google's all-in-one communication service that replaced a lot of formerly separate apps that Google offered for keeping in touch. With Hangouts, you can instant message, send attachments (such as photos), video call your contacts and use it for normal voice calls to any number too. Once you're signed in to the app with your Google account, you can send messages and make video calls and phone calls with any other Google users. The service also allows you to call non-Gmail users and landlines using a phone credit system much like a pay-as-you-go phone, where you can top up your Gmail account with money to spend on these types of calls.
You can easily top up your account through the Google Voice website, and once topped up you can use the app in the exact way you would normally make phone calls.
Calls to other Hangouts users are still free, but you can use this credit to call any other number and it will simply debit the cost from the credit you top up. Google Hangouts comes as the default messaging app on the newest versions of Android, so you may already have the app installed.

Some phones will have both Google Hangouts and the manufacturer's own Messages app installed on the phone. In this case when you open Hangouts it will ask whether you want to use it as the default messaging app rather than the in-built one. For Android phones which don't have the app installed, you can download Google Hangouts from the Play Store here, and for iOS devices you can download it from the App Store here. If you want to be able to make calls to standard numbers, Android users will also need to download the Hangouts Dialler app from the Play Store here (iOS users don't need this). So that's Google Hangouts: a great, free service that can be used on many different devices. If you would like to perform a new search, simply change the regex in cell F4 and choose Search from RegEx menu again. Please do note that Google Apps Script allows you to perform 10,000 read operations in Gmail per day. And if you are curious to know how the program works, here’s the annotated source code.
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