To serve children, families and our communities by providing ongoing quality education and enrichment programs to help build a sense of Self, Community and Environment.
With convenient locations, popular summer excursions to Bishop, Sea Life Park and Wet n Wild, to Junior Lifeguard we have it all for your keiki this summer! Mahalo to Maui Family Magazine for making available their Parent Resource showing links and phone numbers for majority of your childcare needs! While there's certainly no shortage of tall, heavy bookcases in our home, the same can't be said of my son and daughter-in-law's small place, where they're raising our three beautiful grandsons (and just about bursting at the seams, especially when it comes to the infusion of toys and books - YEA! I have written some books that needed to be represented by a Web site that was optimized to help ensure that it was noticed by the search engines.
Designed for use at home, daycare, or in a classroom environment, the single-sided book display features five easy-to-reach fabric shelves.
I am using it to display my taller books that do not fit well on my main bookshelf.It took me about 30 minutes to put it together. While some young children may quickly learn these skills, other children may lack interest, find them difficult to perform, or exhibit challenging behaviors.

I was very impressed with their attention to detail and the way they brought my business concept to a webpage.
Quick projects on a deadline and complex projects with many moving parts were handled with equal care and attention.
This unit is an extremely lightweight alternative to the traditional heavy hardwood version. Lags in skill development and challenging behaviors are normal but can still be improved upon. Thier customer service is amazing and have always been there to help me and ensure I succeed. The durable birch frame has smooth and rounded edges for safety and is lined with an attractive neutral canvas rather than the customary wooden shelving. I run an office with 14+ therapists who need to check out testing materials, schedule therapy rooms, communicate with each other easily, receive instructions, etc. I get lots of compliments about our webpage and I can say without a shadow of a doubt, the page they built for me has made us a lot of money!

They recommend you not use a drill so as not to damage the wood.I had a problem with one of the boards missing a screw hole, so I contacted the company by email and got a quick response and company sent what I needed and I received it within a few days. Cube Creative Design created a "pipeline" for my Web site that has made it so easy for the therapists to reserve materials, reserve therapy rooms, download forms and anything else needed to run their business from their own computer at home! This ECR4Kids product has achieved GREENGUARD [GOLD] Certification for meeting or exceeding standards for low emissions into indoor air during product usage. With a concentration on the Pre K-12 sector, ECR4Kids offers a wide range of products from tables, chairs and desks to cots, mats and a variety of storage cases in solid wood as well as scratch resistant double-sided laminate. My practice manager was taught how to make changes needed to the website without always contacting Cube Creative, even though we know he is there whenever we need his help.

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