If you would like to help support Kids’ Ark International with your credit card or paypal account, please complete this form and click the Paypal Donate button. Since 2005, Kids’ Ark International youth camp has continued to grow and see thousands of children pass through the camp. On July 26th of 2014, our camp’s neighbors accepted our offer to purchase 28 acres of land to the southeast of the current entrance!

The purchase of this land will be a tremendous blessing to the camp providing a land buffer and eliminating the chances of livestock, farms, and agriculture companies coming in close proximity to the current camp property.
Often, as many as 500+ boys and girls at one time camp and enjoy the property, participating in many of our camp games and activities while learning the message of Christ.
Although we are centering our current efforts on acquiring land and raising money, the most important aspect of this campaign will be prayer and giving campers a life changing experience on our existing land and the newly acquired land.

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