We were so grateful for all of your prayers, words of encouragement, thoughts, and support.
John, the pastor at our Haiti church, and his wife stopped by to talk through what happened, pray with us and give us some Bible verses we could post around the house. We were able to put in our window a beeper (very loud beeper) that goes off if the window is opened.
I try to remember that we can take some steps for more security but the biggest thing we can continue is to take steps towards walking closer with Jesus. I had dispersed the money needed for the run between different bags and backpacks during the event so if one item was stolen we would still have money in another location. After unpacking, I opened my laptop to begin loading the pictures of the run and to begin the final blog entry.
Realizing that we felt the weight of the two weeks catch up to us, my eye-lids became very heavy! It’s a terribly uncomfortable feeling knowing that someone was in our  place, looking around and taking items. For one moment, do you remember the women in scripture who was caught in the very act of adultery. When someone commits a sin that threatens my comfort level, I have to fight my tendency to resort to judgment. If I have a chance to meet this criminal, I want to extend to him the grace, mercy and forgiveness that Christ gave us.
A group of Haitians start assembling outside the gate of the house having their own discussions.  They seem to suspect something of this place.
John McHoul has pulled up in his truck at this point.  Everyone is waiting for the pastor and son to return. The police officer asks some more specific questions about the time that this occurred to see if it aligns up with our timing of the iPad getting stolen and when we were able to locate the iPad via GPS. We finish with the discussion and update the rest of the guys.  What do we do at this point?
We pass into the courtyard and I see sitting down on the bench a very frightened young Haitian girl. This is incredible, I am in shock, I am holding and looking at the iPad that was stolen about 5 hours earlier. I turn it on to make sure it wasn’t swapped out or anything with another iPad.  Amazingly, this looks exactly as I left it.  Strangely enough, the iPad was still in airplane mode?  How were we able to originally locate this device if it was still on airplane mode?
On the road we get a phone call from John saying we need to head to court now.  Derek, being the first time in Haiti, will just have to go with us!  If you are going to have a first day, might as well make it exciting! We fight through traffic and arrive downtown to pick up the police officer and then to the court house. He explains to us that if this was a Haitian affair, the process would be simple and he would be able to push forward with the process.
We do know that the Koreans did not spend the night in jail and then are again free to go about their business.

He pulls out the iPad from the cabinet and lays it on the desk staring at it for a moment as if replaying the events of yesterday in his head. Where were we in this story?  Ah, yes!  We have pulled up the van around the corner of the house.  I feel like I can hear my heart beating outside my chest. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. In Haiti, they have similar systems in place but you can expedite the process by instead of asking the Judge for a warrant you can bring the judge with you. Recalling some past shows I remember how often you see the police go in the front door and the bad guys run out the back door :-D!  Since the house is on a corner, I decide to stake out on the other side, preparing for any sneak escapes out the back. Not a moment after seeing the police officer and the judge enter the house I see a guy exit the other side.  I shout up to him in Creole, “Mesye” (meaning “mister”).
As he continues walking away, he swings a backpack over his shoulder.  I immediately think, Could this be the same backpack that the iPad was stolen in? Running up to the guy I instantly ask him in Creole, “Do you know of Port-Au-Prince Fellowship?
Surprisingly, he was very nice and opened up his bag which reveals only some random objects.  Nothing! Feeling a bit awkward yet still focused on the task, I thanked him and head straight back to the house.  I am thinking I will probably have a good laugh about this awkward incident later. As I approach the house, the police and judge are turning the corner to tell me this is actually the front door to the place.  We all enter together into the court yard. As I enter a room, I see heaps of plastic bins neatly stacked on shelf after shelf.  What is going on here? There is a large group of people around us and everyone starts multiple conversations, talking and discussing over each other.  Barry from the just outside the gate comes up to me and says, “The pastor and the other guy are in the car leaving!”  I hadn’t noticed with all the discussion that they slipped out. Running up to the car I asked, “Where are you going?  Are you going to get the iPad back?”  The younger guy kind of nods and then they drive away. Troy is leading music today and he had asked me last week if I would be available for playing guitar. Having little hope, I remember that I installed a tracking application in case of situations like this. At this point, I am ready to hop on my motorcycle, drive to this location, bust in and grab the iPad straight out of the thief’s filthy hands!  Thinking more clearly than me but with the same passion, John calls a friend of ours who is on the police force.  John describes the situation. We are going to follow it by Haitian law.  I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to go to jail for ignorance.
Fighting our way through traffic, we now have an official police woman, an official judge, Barry and myself.  Calling our home-base for updates on the GPS location of the iPad, we confirm the dot hasn’t moved but it’s been an hour since it was last updated.
My heart is accelerating as we approach the house.  Having the location pinned on my phone we can drive right up to the house. How find iphone digital trends, Thanks to apple, finding your iphone is easier than ever before. If iphone, ipad, ipod touch lost stolen, If find my iphone is turned on, you can use it to find your device.

How find iphone - idownloadblog, Yesterday, buried amongst updates to a slew of apple developed apps, was an update to find my iphone. How find iphone stolen iphone , What phone stolen: open find iphone app ios device ( download app store ), log . How find iphone app iphone 6, 5 - youtube, The find iphone exciting application locate, track protect iphone ipad mac missing stolen .. The iCloud sounds simple, but a family with several devices and multiple Apple IDs can run into problems.
How to enable find my iphone on iphone, ipad, Here’s how you can enable find my iphone on an iphone, ipad, ipod touch, and learn how to use it as well.
Ios 8 how-to: set up and use find my iphone, ipad and ipod touch - Now, find my iphone allows you to track the location of your device, be it an iphone, ipad or ipod touch, in case it gets lost or stolen prefer to use a different gps app, you have the option to do so.
How to enable find my iphone on iphone, ipad - Here’s how you can enable find my iphone on an iphone, ipad, ipod touch, and learn how to use it as well. How to use find my iphone - You’ll then be able to see where your phone is on the map as well as play an alert sound, activate lost mode t be able to track your phone using find my iphone - so it should be used as a last resort. How to track your lost or stolen iphone, ipad with find my iphone - To track your device, protect your data and have the ability to remotely erase your device, it is essential that find my iphone you are using the web or app to track your device, the approximate location of your lost or stolen iphone or ipad will.
Of the hundreds of apps that I have on my phone, and the dozens of new ones I try every week, there are just a few that I actually use when I’m driving.
SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. Samsung has added a new entry to its growing catalog of smartwatches with the debut of its Gear S. He says we are waiting for more police officers to arrive.  We discuss with the police officer if it is possible to have more police come and begin sifting through the bins of equipment. A simple and undeniable dot shows up on the map showing the precise location of the iPad.  My heart immediately jumps from sadness to hope, from a slowly beating heart to one that is racing!  Excitement overtakes my face! I personally have seen some Haitian jails.  There is a reason why Haitian jails are condemned for violating human rights?. LG just announced its new G Watch R smartwatch, and it’s one of the most elegantly designed smartwatches we’ve seen yet. Unlike its previous smartwatches, however, this one packs its own 3G data connection, which means it doesn’t have to be tied to your smartphone at all times. We are thankful that months prior to the break-in, Melissa’s parents had scheduled to come this last week. He gave us some great advice on some small things that we can do to help secure our apartment. I feel so much gratitude and humbleness –  I had tears from hearing how you, our friends and family, have helped.

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