Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi asks to be given "enough space" to address the plight of her country's Rohingya Muslim population as visiting US Secretary of State John Kerry presses human rights.
Bill Shorten says "systemic racism" in Australian society is one of the key obstacles to achieving reconciliation with Indigenous people. Five women nominate to replace outgoing Northern Territory Senator Nova Peris as the top Northern Territory candidate on Labor's Senate ticket. The Cape York township of Aurukun is in the headlines again, after federal MP Warren Entsch called for a review of the local school. We’re now three weeks through the marathon eight-week election campaign, and the Coalition has been trying to poke holes in Labor's policy costings. Western Australia's major political parties rule out banning political donations from property developers, following the lead of New South Wales. Bill Shorten took aim at Donald Trump and Scott Morrison and Chris Bowen faced off in Canberra. Ride hailing company Uber has agreed a deal with Foursquare to use its location information in Uber's app to enhance its address finding capabilities (via Mashable).
Uber's deal with the local search and discovery service will see its app incorporate Foursquare's Places data, so that riders can find the addresses for exact locations simply by typing in the restaurant or venue name. Currently, the app is consistently able to find addresses to popular destinations like airports and chain restaurants, but can struggle to find relevant addresses for specifically-named, lesser known venues. The deal was described by Foursquare as a "global, multi-year agreement", but the company declined to give financial figures. Uber follows the likes of Microsoft and Pinterest in leveraging Foursquare's location data over the years, but according to Mashable, the Uber deal is a significant milestone in Foursquare's transition towards a more data-driven, Yelp-like business model, away from its original strategy as a check-in service a€“ a feature no longer included in the Foursquare app.
Earlier this week, Foursquare announced the launch of a new, separate app called Marsbot, which the company billed as "your trusted friend that can recommend places to you by learning from your preferences and the places you go every day." The app is still in the early phases of testing and requires users to sign up to a wait list, but Foursquare hopes the app's digital concierge smarts will catch on, thanks to its tight integration with the company's established location tracking technology.

Traditionally, you may cross reference a GitHub profile with LinkedIn, run the username through namechk and see where else they hangout, or even try to deduce an email address with the Rapportive plugin. While this method works for the vast majority of usernames, there are a few who have opted not to store their personal email address on their public repositories.
On a side note, if the user has a popular public repository you may return multiple email addresses belonging to the various contributors to the repository. Prior to posting this it was submitted as a hole and they said they did not want to fix it.
Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news about Politics! I just signed up to be a driver, and the less I have to do to figure out where to take someone the better. For the uninitiated, GitHub is a software project hosting service on which software engineers create a profile, host their code, or contribute to other projects. However, you would likely only see it if you were an Engineer committing code to your candidate’s public repository through the Git system. However, of the many usernames used in testing this method, I only ran into 3 that were masked. You can clear through these by searching for the name on the account (such as “Fredrik”) instead of “email”.
Diving into the code is always fun but you’re right, it takes an insane amount of time.
Its my duty to inform that apparently Github has modified this and its no longer available .. As it turns out, you can get almost any GitHub user’s email address directly through GitHub’s own API from the comfort of your own browser in five simple steps.

In essence, this works by calling up said public information through GitHub’s API in your browser. To be honest the original method I had required a person to navigate a unix command line or install a unix-style terminal in Windows, which for the average user is no simple feat. Due to this, and as previously posted on SourceCon, even a simple site: search on GitHub’s domain produces some serious results. However, some of the best profiles simply have no contact information aside from a (hopefully) real name and a GitHub username. This tool is crucial in my content marketing efforts.Type in a keyword or phrase and BuzzSumo will return the most shared content on that topic. That would probably be the next destination.Personally, I use GetResponse as my preferred tool for email marketing.
Aside from email and autoresponders, GetResponse also delivers forms, landing pages, webinars and more.
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