The Greatest Common Factor (GCF) is so called because it is the largest (greatest factor that is the same (common) to the numbers. When we have two or more given numbers, we can find the largest factor that both numbers have in common.
Step 1: We know that this is a GCF question because Maria is breaking the candy into groups and the problem using the key word 'greatest'. From the upside down division, we can see that each child would get 10 pieces of chocolate candy and 9 pieces of fruity candy. Basically how you name a polynomial by it's degree is by whichever term has the highest exponent. But then it changes once a doesn't equal 1, you use the x method and the box method to solve the equation and all three terms don't have a GCF. Because both of the numbers are even, we could start with 2.The answer goes underneath the bar.

Remember that relatively prime means two numbers that do not have any common factors other than 1. Not only is the GCF extremely important when working with fractions, but is can also be used when applying the distributive property or when solving word problems. You can find it by listing the factors, using upside down division or by using the prime factorization. Such as 2p^3+6p^2+10p, this polynomial would be called cubic trinomial since the highest exponent is 3 and since there are 3 terms. You solve it by finding numbers that multiply to a and c and also add to b, and then put all your terms into the box and find the GCF down and GCF across and you have your answer. Find a video that discusses a topic from this unit, embed it into your webpage and write a paragraph explaining what it is about.
I learned about the different degrees of a polynomial, to add and subtract them, and to even multiply them by using the FOIL method.1.

When we see key words like largest, greatest and most combined with questions about breaking things into groups we know that we are solving a GCF question.
How do you multiply a binomial using the “box method” (see #65 page 399 for example of box method) ?
Show the same problem both ways and show that you get the same answer using either method.- You can multiply 2 binomials by using the FOIL method. The only you way you know if you have a difference of perfect squares is if your number divide evenly by 2.

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