Texas State University, a solid state chemist, writes to point out that there are several extensions to the vanilla VSEPR approach, as described above, that he finds useful.
Ligand close packing (LCP) assumes that the ligands surrounding the central atom will always be touching, and therefore if the central atom is large (sulfur) then the bond angle between the ligands (H-S-H) tends to be small, since the ligands move further about the central sphere until they touch.
The spherical symmetry argument is presented in greater detail elsewhere in this chemogenesis web book: Why Chemical Reactions Occur. Chemistry Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for scientists, academics, teachers and students. I want an high-school level answer.What I mean with "valence electrons" is the outermost electrons in that atoms' electronic arrangement?(eg.

Without actually writing the electron configuration, or orbitals, and knowing electron number(obviously) is there any way to find this number easily? I am asking this because sometimes questions give me electron numbers in range of 40+ and just writing it out doesn't seem like a good way. The atom with electric configuration 2, 8, 3 is Aluminium and you can find it in Group 3 of the periodic table. The first two groups of the periodic table are the groups concerned with the filling of the $s$ orbital. Similarly, Group 3 - Group 8 (Group 8 is also referred to as Group 0) are where the $p$ orbital is being filled up.

The Periods in the periodic table can be used as an indication of the number of shells the atom has. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged atoms electrons orbitals or ask your own question.
Instead of thinking of ligands as mutually repulsive objects, they are considered to cluster together when they cannot evenly fill the space about a central atom.

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