Instead of finding individual statistics such as the mean and standard deviation, we use one procedure for finding several important descriptive statistics. Now you have access to the 12 columns of data listed in Data Set 8 of Appendix B in the book. Click on "Stack columns" and the six individual columns will be copied into a single column located at the extreme right.

If you want to change to a different locale, you can set the locale by calling Localization.setLocale(new Locale("de", "CH")).
Using the roundoff rule of carrying one more decimal place than the original data, we get 15,668.5 words. It is a good idea to rename this new stacked column to "Male" so that you are working with a column that is easy to identify.

I did hope that the Dialogs would be included in JavaFX 8, but they were not — at least not until JavaFX 8u40.

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