Second, you need to think first about which colleges fit you best.  It may turn out that you are worrying too much for the wrong reasons.
My name is Helly Diaz and my family and I just relocated to Aiken, SC from Vienna, Austria after six years overseas. Hello, I currently have a 3.4 GPA on the 4 point scale and was wondering what exactly that would be when converted to a percentage?
I don’t think there is any standard way to convert the grades from IB to a US system. We would need to know the full breakdown of the scale you are suing in order to help you calculate your grades.

That depends on the policies of your college, which should be available on the college’s website.
I saw in a separate thread that my GPA may be artificially inflated due to electives and other, non-academic subjects. If it is at all relevant, I am taking two honors courses, and for my sophomore year I will be taking a significantly more strenuous curricula (5 AP, 1 Honors) you may remember my post.
This discussion points out that grading in the USA should be standardized at the national level because most colleges admission policies use linear conversion model like this one that tend to discriminate against some students because their high school grading system is not converted correctly. My oldest daughter just started the 11th grade at South Aiken HS and her counselor is having a hard time converting her IB grades ( 6s &7s) to the US grading system.

As well, Canadian universities have a unique process so I would encourage you to check directly with the colleges you are considering in Canada so you get the most accurate percentage.

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