When you know you misplaced your phone somewhere in your place, simply enter your cell phone number below and we will give it a call! Whether you have lost your phone or misplaced it or someone stole, it is always a cause of worry. When you open this link, you can see your phone shown in the map if it is connected to Internet.
Erasing the phone is the last step as it will lose the contact with Lost my phone as well as delete all your files. So a smart thief can just switch the Find-my-phone setting off so in the long run this application isn’t worth anything except if you lost it or misplaced it yourself.
HI i lost my nokia lumia 720 last week but could not find it.does find my phone feature works even after hard reset of phone?
I have transfered a video file to lumia 520 using bluetooth but i can not find where my phone store it, can you help me please. Hi my name is Abhisek Adhikari,I leave in West Bengal (HOWRAH), some one picked pocket my Nokia Lumia 720 phone on 1st October 2014. When you first turn on your new phone, one of the last things you want to entertain is the idea that there may be a time when it becomes lost or stolen.
Most use GPS, your phone number, and an external website that allows you to track your phone at all times. Once stolen or lost, you can immediately head to that partnering website, login, and pin point your device’s location.
In the Lookout Plan B reviews, someone had posted that it is not compatible with jellybean.
Thanks so much to all the responses from people on here i got Cerberus Anti-Theft , its a little pricey but pretty awesome, thanks much! I know this post is aimed at beginners, but if you have Tasker and are rooted you can do all this and more by sending pre-set texts. You think someone who buys it on Craigslist isn’t going to want to see it turned on prior to purchase?

Sure they will turn it on then, but in five minutes they are gone and now you have a stolen phone!! True, but there are alot of dumb criminals out there that won’t do what you said so it beats nothing right ? If you are rooted, you can make the lost phone finding app a system app via Titanium Backup.
See above, Cerberus can be installed asa system app and can lobate your phone even if the Sim is replaced and you no longer know the phone number.
About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. Find My Phone makes it easier to recover your phone—or to prevent someone from using it without your permission.
Now here you have three options- Lock the phone, Ring the phone and finally Erase the phone.
If you have not set the password, you will be prompted to enter it and when you find your phone, you will have to enter it.
The Windows phone wants you to put in a Phone number and it will try to send a lock instruction as a SMS message to the phone.
As much as we cherish our smartphones and keep them by our sides at all times, there is always a chance that it gets left behind somewhere or that someone grabs it while you aren’t paying attention. Besides all of the standard features we mentioned above, it allows you to remotely enable GPS, remotely wipe both internal storage and SD cards, and even keep thieves from uninstalling the app. But one of the cool features I noticed, was its ability to take photos and then upload them to a Norton site to help you find the device. If you lose your phone, you can remotely install Plan B to it, which will then cause it to automatically start and then send a location to you.
In fact, almost every anti-virus or security app for Android (Ex: AVG, Zoner, and McAfee) has a device tracking feature built in. DroidX was stolen over the summer, remotely downloaded PlanB to my phone from my computer, located my phone to within 2m.

The only thing to hope for is that you can use the last known location of the phone to figure out where it might be. If you are using a Windows Phone 8 and lost or misplaced your phone, there are various options available to find it. Thanks to a number of Android applications, you can help reunite yourself with your phone in a matter of minutes. Once installed, you usually need to activate the app, attach it to your phone number, create a login with a partnering tracking website, and then sit back and wait for someone to steal your phone or for you to misplace it. Some services are also allowing you to remotely take photos with the camera on your phone, so that you can help identify the location or get a crystal clear picture of the thief. But maybe most importantly, you can track a lost or stolen phone from another phone if they are on your list of friends. The track your phone feature gets even a pretty close up aerial photo of the house it’s in.
One less app to install is always good in my opinion and tasker has replaced many apps for me.
Providing your phone is locked before the thief can use the phone, the only thing he can do is use the recovery to wipe the phone.
Find My Phone is a service from Microsoft which allows you to track your lost or stolen phone. I think if you leave it in a bar or cab you should be content with a full wipe, but to penalize and criminalize someone for finding it is just messed up. At least you have a good chance some hoodlum isn’t going to know anything about how to do all that.

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