The question how to Find Your Nokia Lumia Phone Number has been asked 2061 times by our users. When you are signing up for a cell phone for the first time, or you are switching carriers and aren’t able to carry over an existing phone number, you are going to be getting a new number. You may have already though about using your iPhone 5 to call someone else and simply ask them what your phone number is, but that can be embarrassing, or they may simply not pick up for the unrecognized number. In typical Apple fashion, they have set up a web page to assist current iPhone 5 owners with determining if their phone is eligible for replacement, and if so, exactly where and when you can take or ship your iPhone 5 for repairs.
Right now the program is only available in the US and Canada, but will be expanding to cover additional countries as of May 2. To determine if your phone qualifies for this program, find your iPhone serial number and be prepared to enter it on Apple’s support page. How many of you have been in that situation where you are not able to find out or recall your own mobile number?

So, what else can you do in such cases.?Before I tell you the codes that you need to dial to find out your own number, lest me tell you an easiest way to know your number. But the above method is useful only if you have already saved your number in your contact list.Most of the time, this is not the case.
But , there is nothing to worry.I am going to give you a few codes that you will have to dial in order to get back your own phone number.
Please Bookmark this page so that you will be able to recall your codes for your respective networks as and when it is required.
Refer to the Below Image to know about the Code that you will have to enter to get your own number. However,if you find out any other alternative toll free code , then please leave a comment below. If you enjoyed this post and wish to be informed whenever a new post is published, then make sure you subscribe to my regular Email Updates.

The easiest way to find out what your phone number is, is call or send someone a text message.
Sometimes you might forget the number that was assigned to you, or the person who sold you the phone may have forgotten to inform you of the new number. Both devices have a lot of similarities, but the larger screen size on the iPad Mini makes it better for watching videos and navigating websites. Fortunately it is possible to find the number on your iPhone 5 by following a few short steps.

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