What will the government be passing out next as part of Comrade Obama's policy of spreading the wealth around until there isn't any more?
No Cell Phone will Get You a Free Ice Cream at Chick-Fil-A According to this 2015 Informate Mobile Intelligence study, Americans spend an average of 4.7 hours per day on their phone. Rachel is a coupon blogger, mom, wife, young breast cancer survivor blogging about health, saving money, and living a happy life in Austin, Texas.
Please let your readers know that you got the amazing information from Cha Ching Queen - Health and Happiness on a Budget. The blue box worked by producing certain tones that were used in the telephone system to switch long distance calls.  Once you made a long distance call, you could use the box to enter operator mode, then use it to route your call as you wanted and to wherever you wanted, all for free and extremely difficult to trace, making blue boxes a popular item amongst various criminal elements. Since the mid-1990s, blue boxes no longer work in most countries as phone systems throughout the world have been revamped using a digital system and no longer use the in-band signaling that the blue box exploited.  Specifically, the new system separates the voice and signaling channels. Despite officially dropping out of college after just 6 months, Jobs still attended classes for another 18 months on a variety of subjects, living in friend’s dorm rooms and earning money by collecting soda bottles to turn in for money for food.
When Jobs briefly worked for Atari, he was given the task of trying to reduce the number of chips in the arcade game Breakout as much as possible. According to Mona Simpson, after Jobs’ liver transplant, Jobs went through 67 nurses before finally finding three he liked and who subsequently were his nurses up to the point he died. The retail price for that same computer was set at $666.66 by Jobs and Wozniak, giving them a 33% profit margin. Contrary to popular belief, and even what Jobs himself often said, he was never technically fired from Apple.  After the brouhaha between Jobs and John Sculley reached its zenith, Jobs was dismissed by the board, but was still the chairman of the board, just not required, and indeed encouraged, not to come to meetings or show up at work at all. At the same time NeXT was failing spectacularly, Jobs’ other company, Pixar, was doing the same. Before Katzenberg accepted the script for Toy Story, Jobs had been very close to a deal to sell Pixar to Microsoft. Steve Jobs was listed as an executive producer of Toy Story, the movie that finally made Pixar a viable company and allowed Steve Jobs to once again own a profitable business, unlike what Pixar had been and what NeXT was up to that point, both money-sinks.
I used to have a computer program that I called a blue box (got it from some hacker, and I was around 12 yrs old then (now I am 33)) where one would use a in house telephone to call some number and then use the headphones with the telephone to let series of sounds go through and when successful could call anywhere in the world virtually for free.
Find Us On YouTube!Subscribe today to check out our free Daily Knowledge Youtube video series! With that in mind, wea€™ve compiled a list of comebacks to crazy questions, so at this yeara€™s holiday dinner (or any other time your professionalism is called into question: legislators, are you listening?) you can show the whole family why your profession is worthy of their highest respect.
Actually, when state laws allow us to, the National Education Association routinely bargains for student-friendly conditions like class size limits, staff training to improve student learning, collaborative time for sharing effective classroom techniques, school building health and safety, desperately needed classroom materials and equipment, and joint union-management problem-solving on ways to better teach students in low-performing schools. Tenure does not mean a a€?job for life.a€? It means there needs to be a just cause to be fired and you have a right to a fair hearing to contest charges. During my first weeks a€?offa€? I will be mapping out curriculum for the next year, cleaning and organizing my classroom, and catching up on professional reading and professional development coursework.
If you have the desire and commitment to put 50-plus hours a week toward a large group of extremely diverse learners of varying abilities, please consider it.
This legitimately made me cry, because I'm sick of having to defend or explain my profession to my supposed loved ones.
Why can't we all just respect one another for what they choose to do and stay out of other people's business!
Here is a little perspective: Like "Big John" and "Enough Complaining" I once thought teachers were a bunch of whiners. I agree with "Positive Thinker" All the teachers do is complain, for God's sake, you think you have the worst job!
I have never met a bunch of harder working, more caring, tuned in, organized, self sacrificing people in my life than my colleagues at a school. Sounds right to me, let someone in the "outside world" spend a few hours in an elemetary classroom with only 20 students.
Clearly, many people commenting here have no perspective on what it is to be a teacher other than having been in a classroom as a student. Favorite comment came on a Sierra Club hike (really, Sierra Club=liberals, right?} Finds out I teach and says, "Oh, another one at the public trough!" I said she should come in an try to manage my "trough" sometime, with 150 kids all day. After fifty years of teaching and having more fun doing it, I don't even need to glorify these stupid comments with answers. Lets not forget that early childhood educators are educators too but we don't get benifits we go to classes on our own time either college credit classes or workshop hours I am so tired of hearing so why don't you become a real teacher. A friend of my boys got a job as a 4th grade AmeriCorp assistant at our elementary school after deciding to become a teacher. Why can't non-teachers just assume they don't know everything that teaching entails and leave it at that?
My only critique, which is a considerable one, is your use of the word "crazy" to mean something we do not like. To determine is teachers earn a reasonable wage, we should see what an average elementary school teacher could earn with the same education but in the next best job he could get. Just wondering if Mr Moest & Mr Boyd went any further into this site to peruse all the other info contained herein.

Not to mention 2 weeks of summer math training, a week of "expected" summer planning, and the cleaning and reorganizing of the classroom which must be done before the new school year starts. Every time the government brings up enacting "year round" schools, when they look for where the money will come from for salaries, it mysteriously stops. Thankfully your company provides the education field with technology, so we can read up on how to apply that appropriately to our students' needs. Anyway, I personally don't have much time for debate here since I am on a brief break between teaching and working toward that second master's degree just to stay highly qualified in my field. I am NOT paid for any vacations, nor can we afford to take our family away to someplace else for one. Sure there are those in my profession who are bad apples--just as there are in any profession.
I'm a second career teacher who got tired of seeing what I was having to choose from to hire and decided to sell my business and teach and try to do something about what I perceived to be ill-prepared HS graduates(my undergrad was Mus. Stop saying "three months!" My summer break starts June 3rd and we have mandatory meetings starting August 9th.
I certainly congratulate myself for working through the summer months preparing for the next year, sir.
During my first weeks "off" I will be mapping out curriculum for the next year, cleaning and organizing my classroom, and catching up on professional reading and professional development coursework.
A Chick-Fil-A franchise owner realized the “no cell phone” rule worked at home to ensure his family stayed connected. I had a job at a small magazine in an office the size of a closet, with three other aspiring writers.
Those were the times I remember that we used to call for free from the payphones as well by dialing some number for the UN mission where I live and then similarly typing in some code combo.. Ten dollars an hour for six hours (even though I actually work 9 or 10 hours a day) is $60 a day, times five days a week (even though I often work weekends) is $300, times 36 weeks a year (even though Ia€™m taking classes and professional development year-round), is $10,800 a€“ but thata€™s just for one student.
Any tenured teacher can be fired for a legitimate reason, after school administrators prove their case. But if you think you have some special tricks, Ia€™ll bring 30 kids over to your living room tomorrow morning to watch you work your magic. They are on the frontlines of our schools every day a€“ driving students to and from school safely, keeping our schools clean and environmentally sound, making sure our kids eat healthy meals, assisting students in the classrooms, and ensuring the front office runs smoothly. Not to mention learn the fundamentals of reading, math, and science that set the stage for the next twelve years of learning.
Yes, Big John's comments were ignorant and misinformed, but those of us who teach know what it's really like. At the time I was working in the private sector (Wall Street) and I was resentful of teachers because they got off at 3:00, had the summers off, and all the breaks in-between. We all know how hard it is to deal with kids on a daily basis, I don't think anyone with a brain would argue against that.
The rest of the world also works and MORE then 40 hours a week, and oh by the way, on salary so NO OVERTIME. My hubby is a teacher and has to teach summer school to pay the mortgage during the summer.
The children i teach are real the things i teach them may not be grammar and algerbra but I teach none the less I have respect for all teachers just needed to vent a bit. Shortly after starting her job she commented to me that now she understood why she thought I was mean when they were in school. Having read it, I now see that the unions are exactly what the conservatives say they are, maybe worse. I had surgery and while recovering, I researched ways to improve my craft including your ever changing technology which must be incorporated in today's classroom to prepare students to take over YOUR position (my son being one of them). When one day a lawyer called me — me, the middle-class girl from California who hassled the boss to buy us health insurance — and said his client was rich and famous and was my long-lost brother, the young editors went wild.
I'm not a teacher but I've grown up with one and you have NO idea what you're talking about. If the job is so easy, with better pay and conditions than what you currently do why didn't you choose to become a teacher? Most people making these comments about teachers do not know what the **** they are talking about! Did the same teachers teach you about respect ebonics, slang and casual use of language in informal contexts? And to downsize that ego just a smidgen -- at least enough to recognize you and your job is not much more or less important than any other.
AND, unless you were one of the few so gifted you HAD MANY TEACHERS and I'm sure there were a few who took their profession very seriously throughout the year.
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This was 1985 and we worked at a cutting-edge literary magazine, but I’d fallen into the plot of a Dickens novel and really, we all loved those best.
You love them dearly, but it's exhausting fielding all those annoying questions about the teaching profession from your well-meaning but clueless family.
I pictured a classroom of rosy-cheeked children learning to read (effortlessly, of course), making little art-projects and building things with blocks.
One delay days, I'm up at the school at normal time, planning how we are going to pack those two hours into the smaller day.
Clearly by your comments you have no clue what a teacher does, or what is involved in the occupation. If they did, they would know that Kindergarten is now what most people think of when they think of first grade! I doubt I'd go into the profession if I had it to do over again, simply because of the lack of respect by the public and by our less-than-enlightened governor.
You do have excellent hourly pay with great hours and weekends, summers and holidays off (if you are doing it right you are NOT working 50 hours per week.
Then we can start talking about how many enter authority professions like cop, teacher, probation officer or social worker because they need a sense of authority. Burnt out from my Wall Street job, I decided to go back to school and get my teaching credential. A lot of these guys get paid less than you do and they could possibly lose their life any given day. On early release days I am either in professional development classes, in my classroom organizing, or in my classroom planning. Maybe you can get down off your cross and use the wood to build a ladder on which you can climb down off of your high horse, then use the same wood to build a bridge and get over it.
I felt that I had let the previous generation of entrepreneurs down — that I had dropped the baton as it was being passed to me.
I am now a teacher, and well, let me tell you - I work three times harder as a teacher and get a quarter of the pay.
Funnily enough I have sone 20 years in another industry working 60 plus hours for less pay.
So don't throw in our faces that you have a degree and are so high and almighty, we have PhD's and we make much less money then you, and actually put in a FULL WEEK AND FULL YEAR of work time. If the cellphones remain in the coop the whole meal, you can get a Free Chick-fil-A Icedream. I secretly hoped for a literary descendant of Henry James — someone more talented than I, someone brilliant without even trying.  When I met Steve, he was a guy my age in jeans, Arab- or Jewish-looking and handsomer than Omar Sharif.
We also have to work with "kids", just because they are above the age of 18, we still have to deal with ***. Then we can start talking about the minority of teachers who are in fact minor heroes in the lives of a handful of students. Especially when we see ungreatfull so and so's get phd's and then trash the occupation that taught you the basics to achieve your own success.
I don’t remember much of what we said that first day, only that he felt like someone I’d pick to be a friend. It is hard to describe to non-teachers just how exhausting it is to manage 30+ children in a classroom and that is only one aspect of teaching. I spend at least 2 hours every weekend grading papers and planning out my lessons for the week. By the time I get my kids to the lunch room and I get back to my room I have 15 minutes until I have to go get the kids again. And you better be sure to use the bathroom during your 10 minute morning break because your next break (lunch) is two hours away and you can't exactly leave the kids alone in the classroom. Your 20 minute prep time is a whirlwind of making last minute copies, meeting with your principal (don't forget to go to the bathroom), and on-the run-collaboration sessions with your grade level colleagues. Truthfully, it feels like I am always running around without a moment to breathe during school.
I have worked in other fields before (I worked as a full time professional intern at the Walt Disney World Resort) and that was a cake walk compared to my full day of teaching. Imagine getting up in front of an audience and you don't have your speech and materials prepared. This is what it is like teaching - A moment of disorganization and you've lost the attention of half of your students.
In the classroom half the battle is managing the students - good teachers make it look easy - but it is not.
Also, when you have kids (God forbid) I hope you home school them because we don't work hard so they probably wouldn't learn much from us.

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