If you’ve taken the plunge and splashed out on a new Galaxy S3 phone then you’re going to want to invest in a decent case. A hard outer shell and an absorbent gel lining takes care of drops and shocks, while the gel ribs down either side provide great grip and make your S3 easier to hold. Brushed aluminum gives this case a premium look, which is combined with rubber, providing impact protection and better grip. Power hungry would be a fair description of the S3, so if you want some extra juice then consider this battery case from Mophie. It may be inspired by Ancient Egypt, but this Musubo offering stops short of fully mummifying your Galaxy S3.
We wouldn’t ordinarily include two cases from the same manufacturer on the list, but OtterBox has unveiled its toughest case yet. Music is essential when you’re out running, and no one wants to miss calls, but you need an armband that can protect your phone from sweat. This combo pack includes the Surface case, which is a pretty standard, sleek case with the usual cutouts.
If you’ve never tried a TPU case then it’s about time you did, there’s a good reason so many Galaxy S3 cases are crafted from it. Creating Your Own Photo Sphere Live WallpapersAs of right now, only Nexus series devices running the latest Jelly Bean 4.2 software can actually take Photo Sphere panoramas using the stock Camera app. Photo Sphere Live Wallpapers for Non-Rooted GS3sSome of you may not want to do all that just to get some cool Photo Sphere wallpapers on your device.
Step 1: Download the AppStart by going to Google Play and downloading Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper by developers Hampster Beat. Step 3: Get Free Photo Sphere WallpapersIf you're like me and don't want to pay for the Photo Sphere wallpapers that the app has to offer, you can also search and download free Photo Sphere images online. Straight Talk and Net10 will be getting the Samsung Galaxy S3 model S960, hopefully this might take some of the attention away from other stuff they are dealing with in regards to AT&T.

There are cut outs for the camera, the headphone port, and the Micro USB port, and gel covers for the volume and power controls. The cut outs are all present and correct, so there’s no need to remove your S3 once it is snug inside this case. It will deliver just under a complete charge, which is enough to keep your S3 ticking for an extra few hours. There’s a choice of two-tone color combinations and they’re all finished in high gloss plastic that matches the S3 nicely. On top of that you get a rugged skin and skeleton which includes covers for the controls, ports and the camera lens. Fortunately, if you're a softModder and don't mind rooting your GS3, you can actually install the 4.2-style Camera and Gallery apps.
You can tap on Yes to use it, or Continue to go to another screen and choose a different one. There's one pack called Mother Nature that's free, but the others all cost $0.99 if you want to be lazy.
The obvious places to look are directly on Google Maps and by using the hashtag #photosphere on Google+. You can get top notch protection to guard against knocks and drops or you can go for a stylish eye-catching design. A choice of two tone color schemes gives it a pleasant look and the gel highlights also ensure your phone doesn’t slip when you put it down on smooth surfaces. It doesn’t add much bulk and it comes with a screen protector to prevent any scratches on that display. It’s very slim and the cutouts are large, so it doesn’t interfere with operating the phone, but you can’t expect more than basic impact and scratch protection.
A super tough case like this is always going to be bulky; that’s the price you pay for this level of protection.

The neoprene is comfortable and sweat resistant, the plastic window allows you to see the display easily, and there’s a cutout for your earphones. You also get the Convert holster for easily clipping your phone to your belt and protecting the screen. Nelson already showed off one over at Galaxy Note 2 softModder that does this, called Photosphere Live Wallpaper, but I'm going to show off a different app for our GS3s called Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper.
You get the usual LED indicators to show the power level, and the functions are all still accessible. The cutouts are accurate, and there doesn’t seem to be any problem with flash glare on photos.
You can drop your S3 from 10 feet onto concrete, submerge it up to 6.6 feet of water for up to 30 minutes, or apply two tons of pressure, and it will survive with the Armor case. It’s a solid design, and you’ll find there’s room to pop cash or cards in there as well, should you need to. Although there’s a cut out to make removing your phone in a hurry, this isn’t a case you’ll want to keep your phone in all the time because you have to remove the S3 in order to use it. It also comes with a wee plastic stand that supports various positions for sitting your S3 in portrait or landscape. You won’t find too many Galaxy S3 case options with protection for that lens, and this is a nice adaptable solution for different scenarios. Let us know in the comments section, or just share a screen capture of your badass new wallpaper.

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