Copyright © 2014 Review Ebooks, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. But if China Mobile is the biggest, and China Telecom is the third-biggest carrier in the People's Republic of China, then who is in the middle? No Vodafone was bought down to 45% a while ago giving Verizon Communications (the parent of Verizon Wireless) control.
I mean I understand this but is this a surprise considering that we only have 300+ in the US. Well the upside to living state side is that we get most of the flagships months before other contries so I cant complain. Being the cell phone maniacs that we are, we know most of them, but we guess there are still some things that might have remained unnoticed by some of us.

The answer is China Unicom - yet another state-owned carrier.So where do our well-known US carriers fit into the whole picture? T-Mobile USA's subscribers are consolidated with the rest of the Deutsche Telekom's mobile subscribers. In this post from the 'Awesome cell phone facts' series, we'll discuss the biggest mobile carrier in the world!What's so interesting about that? As of November 2012, T-Mobile had 128.522 million subscribers, which puts them just below Reliance Communications in India, making them number 16 in the top 20. Well, guess what - the biggest carrier in the world is neither AT&T Mobility, nor Verizon Wireless. Unfortunately, both Sprint and T-Mobile USA are not in the top 30 of the global rank-list, signaling that the attempted merger between AT&T and T-Mobile may have indeed been a bad idea!You can access a fuller list of the world's biggest mobile carriers here.

So, who has the largest number of subscribers?China Mobile is the biggest carrier in the world with 703.46 million subscribers.The biggest mobile carrier in the world comes from the distant land of China, and is called China Mobile! China Mobile serves the spectacular number of 703.46 million customers (data from November 2012) - more than twice the population of the Unites States. The world's largest mobile carrier is owned by the state of China, and as such is controlled by the Chinese government. China Mobile is created at the end of the 20th century, when it gets separated from the currently third-biggest operator in the country - China Telecom, which is also state-owned.

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