Use Google Search to Locate Your Android Phone or Tablet, Send Directions to It & More.
Almost immediately, the Google Maps app on your phone or tablet will launch automatically, with directions to the location already queued up. Last year, Google debuted a service called Android Device Manager that allows Android users to easily locate, ring, and wipe their device should it ever be lost or stolen—but this new feature makes it easier than ever.
For the folks that like to keep things organized, there are a few more Google Search functions for Android that will help with creating alarms and setting reminders. For a hybrid of these two features—essentially an alarm with a note attached—type Send a reminder to my phone. Yesterday, Lookout was featured in Forbes as a great solution to helping peoplefind their phones when lost or stolen.

Locate: This feature allows you to pinpoint your missing phone on a google map from a PC or another smartphone. Scream: In the case that you misplaced your phone under the couch cushion or somewhere in your vicinity, the Lookout app will sound a loud alarm to help you track down where your phone ran off to. Signal Flare: One of the top reasons people can’t find their missing phone is because of a dead battery.
Lock Cam: Our newest feature provides you with just one more way to help you retrieve a lost or stolen phone.
The top result will be a box with a field that lets you quickly type out a note, which can then be sent over to your phone.
This will let you select a time for your alarm, and after clicking the link at the bottom of this box, the alarm will be set on your phone.

Fill out the fields with your reminder and the time, then you can quickly send this over toyour phone, where the notification will show up in Google Now. To help increase your chances of finding a lost phone, Lookout automatically saves your device’s last known location to your Lookout account when your battery is teetering on dying. Lock Cam sends an email with the picture and location of anyone who enters an incorrect password three times into your device’s lock screen.

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