Cybercrooks have compromised websites and altered them to serve visitors nasty pieces of malware.
Commtouch Café provides a sample email that bears the subject Thank You for your Verizon Wireless Payment. The message informs recipients that their bill payment has been applied to their Verizon Wireless accounts.
This is not the first time in the past month when we see scam emails that point users to malware-infested sites. The bottom line is that no matter which company the emails purport to originate from, always think twice before rushing to click on links.
In brief, call (800) 922-0204 with the use of your home phone, listen for the prompts, press 1 for payment, press 3 and when prompts, enter your credit card number, enter the 4-digit expiration date, 3 digits credit card identification number, then enter the amount you would like to pay. If you have lately started a new telephone service with Verizon, then you can get print of PIN in only your first phone bill. Within minutes of walking in the door, they were wowing me with something you absolutely have to see to believe! Lots of built in and free app camera functions such as time-lapse, slow-motion, and fast-motion. I was a little embarrassed when I shed a few tears checking out the Gizmo Pal 2. Most of you already know, three of my children have Autism. Canary is a complete home security system packed into a single device-a modern approach to security that lets you protect the people and places you care about most.
With no contracts or required monthly fees and free cloud storage of recent events*, Canary works right out of the box to protect the people and places you care about most.
Homehealth Technology™: Monitor air quality, temperature, and humidity to help understand how your home might affect your health. Data protection: AES 256-bit symmetric-key encryption, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), secure HTTP access (HTTPS) using SSL, and more.
The Nest Cam Security Camera lets you keep an eye on what matters most to you, even when you’re far from home.
Get alerts when something happens: The Nest Cam Security Camera is always on the lookout for motion and sound. See in the dark: Night Vision LED sensors let you see the room at night compared with other cameras that only give you a spotlight view. Bank-level security: The Nest Cam uses bank-level security with 128-bit SSL encryption, Perfect Forward Secrecy and a unique 2048-bit RSA key. Nest Aware: Set up your Nest Cam, then take advantage of your 30-day trial offer of the Nest Aware service. Another thing I LOVED about the Verizon store is the ability to buy accessories straight from their Kiosk.
To lure users to these sites, the masterminds of the scheme are spamming internauts with bill payment emails that pretend to originate from Verizon Wireless.
Recently, we’ve also covered a similar plot that relied on the name of AT&T Wireless.

Video products and services, voice, and data are offered by Verizon over intelligent wireless, broadband and worldwide IP networks that meet consumers' rising demand for velocity, safety, mobility, and control. In first way, users can pay their Verizon Bill by calling (800) 922-0204 through home telephone. But remember, you need to press 1 to make sure that the provided numbers are correct, when they repeated. The PIN can be delivered to the telephone number on the account by Verizon through an automatic dialer, which is a well-liked technique, by which you will be allowed to fulfill the registration process soon after submitting the request. Then select a password of at least eight characters; password is required for further account security. This post is special though, because these products each tell a story on their own, and there was no story to find and develop. Pay $9 a month for seven days of cloud video storage, 50 permanently saved video clips and video recording while armed or disarmed.
It’s easy to share access with your family members or roommates using the free Canary app. With a 130-degree wide-angle view of the room, you can see what takes place via the secure stream to your phone, tablet or laptop in 1080p HD. Just plug in the power cord, download the free app and set up Nest Cam using your Android® or iOS® device.
Up to 30 days of video in the cloud is stored via Video History, so you can go back to see what you missed, save clips and more. There are other places that offer the ability to pay your bill at a Kiosk, but the ability to buy accessories is one I haven’t seen. Now, Verizon allows its customers to pay their bill with the use of their home phone to get the money in faster delivery in comparison to standard postal mail.
Enter the 4-digit expiration date, and press 1 to ensure that it is correct on its recurrence. The Edge is available in up to 128GB, and the Plus only goes up to 64GB, but has a bigger screen. Should it detect something out of the ordinary in your house or apartment, Canary sends intelligent notifications with HD video and audio directly to your smartphone. Download the free iPhone or Android app, put Canary on a shelf or table in a central area of your home, plug it in, connect to the Internet, and you’re ready to go.
Opt to pay more for expanded cloud video storage, additional permanently saved video clips and call center monitoring. Get alerts if something happens and watch the footage of your home live in super clear 1080p HD.
Finding a place for the Nest Cam is easy – the magnetic stand works in all types of homes and on various surfaces. After the trial has expired, you can opt for Nest’s subscription-based cloud storage.
Now, I won’t mention the Company, but recently I popped into a wireless store to pick up an emergency-need accessory on my way to an event.

You can expect personalized service, knowledgeable staff, great sales, and a gift option for everyone. Verizon Wireless, Bank of America, Citibank, BellSouth, Qwest, Southern California Edison, South Carolina Electric & Gas, Wells Fargo, T-Mobile, and Washington Mutual are some of the forward-looking companies that offer online bill paying options to their customers. To pay your bill, press 3; when prompted, enter your cell phone number and the last four digits of your social security number.
Enter your 3 digits credit card identification number that is placed on the back and by pressing 1, verify when read back to you. If you do not have a temporary PIN, then you can obtain it through three options such as through your first phone bill, through an automatic dialer, and through U.S. Enter the amount in the provided space; if you would like to pay additional or less money than the due amount, select the most suitable method of payment. When Verizon invited me out to one of their stores to share some information about the great sales and tech gifts they have available, I wasn’t sure what to expect.
My emotions got the best of me, just thinking about my children being able to call me when they’re scared or having a bad day, and seeing where they are on the bus when they go to school or leave. Whether it’s identifying uninvited house guests or trying to figure out where the dog hid your shoe, Nest Cam helps you capture it all.
The entry-level plan offers up to 10 days of video history (100+ GB) stored in the cloud, while the upgraded offering lets you save up to 30 days of video history (300+ GB of cloud storage) for later review and reference.
After waiting 45 minutes, because they would not allow me to make a simple purchase and be on-my-way, the cashier rung me up in a minute and I was out the door! Then enter the amount you would like to pay, and press 1 to make sure when the amount is repeated.
Let me just tell you, if you stop into Verizon for your gift shopping, you’ll be done! It’s also perfect for at home, on the rare occasion when I have a date with my husband or have to attend an event and leave them with a babysitter.
Not only are  portable speakers smaller, tougher, and louder, but you can even get complete surround-sound on some!
I came up with so many gift ideas while I was there, but since the family knew I was going, I’ll have to sneak back over so it will really be a surprise!
They have something for trendy teens, fitness fanatics, music buffs, on-the-go travelers and more. The people I spoke with knew so much, it was easy to think they actually worked for that product Brand.

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