Once, one of my friend unfortunately happened to delete all his contacts on the SIM card when he tried to move his all contacts from SIM to phone.
Finally , after his all attempts he came to me for a solution, I am having a habit of searching whatever I don't know on internet. You require nothing but only a SIM Card Readder(GSM Card Reader), A Windows PC, You SIM card from which your contacts are lost.
Now you need to connect you SIM Reader with your PC and install the driver software for it.
It’s completely normal to delete the contact number of a friend or co-worker by accident when attempting to add a new number or edit an email address.

He was very frustrated after that, because he is a business man and he had his most important contacts on his SIM Card. If you find yourself in such a situation where, by error, you removed any contact from your iPhone that you want to recover, you have to know that it is possible to recover the deleted contacts on iPhone. Choose one deleted contacts, and click the “Edit” on the bottom right of the interface to edit and add the content of this contact like name, number, address, birthday, etc. WhatsApp automatically makes backups every 24 hours and stores them on the microSD memory card of your Android phone.
Though SIM card allows us to save only a limited number of contacts, but deleting a contact may make you mad.

Because he need to share this with all and to give a proper solution for other trapped guys. Doing MA in English Literature, also working as Graphic Designer, always tending to be innovative. If you like this post don’t miss our coming updates, please subscribe from below with your email ID, you can also like us on Facebook.

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