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If you have your language settings on Facebook set to US English, you may soon be able to access Facebook new search function - with what must be the worst name in social media – Graph Search. Unlike previous search functions on Facebook, Graph Search allows you to search your friends for recommendations. The search function has a dark and creepy side which no doubt will stir up privacy activists. Facebook has anticipated the backlash and released a new privacy warning for Facebook Graph Search.
You are seeing this message because we detected too many continuous requests from your ip address in last few hours. In order to ensure fast responses to every user's queries and to also protect our data from being scraped by automatic programs, we will ask you to enter following verification code into the box below. When the social network announced its Search Graph yesterday, there was one word chief executive Mark Zuckerberg kept repeating: privacy. The only way to protect yourself from this is to go through your profile and find out what groups you’re in. In other words, if you want something gone, delete it using the Activity Log, not the Timeline. It is utterly useful, albeit not exactly intuitive, which is one of my main criticisms about Facebook privacy. Activity Log will also break some of these categories down into what you’ve posted and what has been posted by a friend.

Anything that you make public or that you have shared with the specific person doing the searching.
Keep in mind, however, that this content will automatically be published to news feeds and it will be searchable, but it won’t publish to your Timeline immediately. For now, the Graph Search is still in beta, so you have a little time before the world will be able to look for your content. The search engine giant can’t access Facebook’s treasure trove of user data – or use it in any sort of personalized context. One can use could use Graph search to find friends who like Italian food, search for photos that include you and a friend or just search for photos that you have 'liked'.
Again Facebook seems to be relying on the exchange of a free service – making use of massive amounts of data to help its users gain insights and recommendations.
Facebook launched search and now you have to figure out what is going to show up in searches around the globe. Rightfully so, as the social network holds information that sometimes you don’t even know is available about you. Why should I care who knows that I’m a little obsessed with Pinterest and would live in an Anthropologie showroom if given the opportunity? It is organized into content categories such as your posts, posts you’re tagged in, posts by others (on your Timeline), photos, likes, comments, things on your About page, friends, notes, games, and a ton more. If you don’t like what your buddy has posted, it gives you avenues to ask that friend to remove content.
Because Facebook doesn’t consider me a match for that search query unless I am happy to boast about both my GWU attendance and my Nick Canon drumming-love in a public forum.

Colaco stressed that the policies for Facebook’s previous search have not changed in this new iteration.
Colaco told me that these previous searches do not show up on your Timeline or in News Feeds, however. Now Facebook users will be able to search for “friends who live in New York who like Bulldogs and Rock Music” or “Friends in Los Angeles who play outdoor chess” while on the red eye from New York. Like everything on Facebook, concerns about privacy can be neutralized through altering privacy settings. We feel your pain, so we’ve outlined just how privacy works in this crazy, Facebook world. If the content is yours, you can click a drop down menu to the right of the piece of content and click delete. Now’s the time to get smart about what people post about you and what you post about yourself. Most search engines do save queries, however, so if you use Google, don’t get too bent out of shape about Facebook saving the same kind of data.

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