Please note that some of these techniques from this series are limited to Android and may not work on the other operating systems.
If there’s no SD card present on your phone, navigate to the WhatsApp folder directly. This file contains all your deleted conversations however this is limited to that single day. Remember that you wil loose your current messages and there’s absolutely no way to merge the old and current messages.

What this online service does is it takes a simple database file, reads it up and extracts the messages for you. A technologist, mind behind DigitBrunch, loves writing about latest technological updates, plays around software development and web development. The very first technique in this series is about recovering or retrieving old WhatsApp messages. In fact, last week, three of my friends asked me how they can recover the deleted WhatsApp messages?

This method is perhaps one of the easiest method available and there’s one drawback to it. You can’t restore this messages in WhatsApp chat history using the respective online service.

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