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With more than 110,000 fans packed into a few blocks, typical network capacity would not be enough to handle demand. This year, Verizon Wireless is activating three temporary cell sites in Ann Arbor for the entire season. Talking on the phone during the game is lame, but the ability to use a cell phone to find out where your friends are tailgating is important. I'm getting the sense that people are not eager about the upcoming football year for UM. The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 with its 3.2” touchscreen has been officially unveiled after its sleek-looking predecessor X1. London, UK – September 2, 2009 – Today Sony Ericsson announces the XPERIA™ X2 a new Windows® phone that offers a best in class email and multimedia experience.
The XPERIA™ X2 also includes the unique SlideView feature, which provides quick access to frequently used phone activities. With 14 specially designed preloaded XPERIA™ panels and 16 more to download, users can work with no boundaries with the XPERIA™ X2. Powered by QWERTY messaging, Windows Mobile® users can even show their presentations on the big screen with the TV out cable – the XPERIA™ X2 makes a day at the office a walk in the park.
XPERIA™ Services really has been devised with the consumer in mind and to help consumers discover more about their XPERIA™ X2.

XPERIA X1 Slider-Phone from Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 marks the launch of a new brand for Sony Ericsson company, this product is hoped can gain attention from slider phone lovers. Sony has always was a good brand, and phones are great, dunno if i like this design, i need to hold in in my hand and play with it to fall in love with it i guess.
So the cell phone network service providers have to roll out vans or trucks with satellite technology to temporarily boost capacity in the area.
If you consider dimensions, the latest X2 is close to its previous version; however, it’s lighter than the X1.
Designed for those who always need to be connected, whether it’s for business or personal life, the XPERIA™ X2 blurs the boundary between work and play. Providing quick interaction with contacts, messages, media and more, SlideView gives an overview of missed incoming activity, notifying the user of any missed calls, e-mails and text messages so users don’t overlook an important contact. From Skype, Mytopia and Google™, to games, CNN and Windows Live™, the panels ensure users are up-to-date with what matters most to them. With a specialised technical team standing by to support busy users and talk through the outstanding features the XPERIA™ X2 has to offer users can get help from troubleshooting to how to access their favourite websites. XPERIA™ X2 will be available in selected markets from early Q4 in the colours Elegant Black and Modern Silver.
Collectively, these moves increase Verizon’s ability to handle calls by 11 percent and its ability to handle data traffic by 87 percent. I'm pretty sure the games were happening before you moved, went to school, or were even born there.

The X2 features a redesigned keypad just like that of a netbook and reveals by sliding out the upper portion. With an improved touch interface and new 3D signature panel users also benefit from flexible desktop panels designed to categorise business, fun and communication features. Personalise the panels and users can access Facebook™ to upload their party or holiday images and they can chat with friends across the world via Skype. And if their XPERIA™ X2 stops working while they are abroad, XPERIA™ Services can replace the mobile phone via a simple phone call. A perfect accessory for the XPERIA™ X2, it charges 40 per cent faster than most car chargers – just plug into the cigarette lighter and go. Just set favourites to appear during certain times of the day and can get the latest news in the morning, YouTube™ at lunchtime and games for the journey home. The custom panel interfaces have been enriched with fourteen preloaded and sixteen more downloadable ones.
Besides, it is the debut of Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system as default on a Sony Ericsson handset.

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