Suppose you got a Missed Call from +91-7509xxxxxx and you don’t know who is calling? If you would like to know from which city and state the call came from, then this post features some useful online services and mobile applications, which can help you trace the location of any number in India. Keep in mind, this website don’t show you possible city names, as a particular number can be purchased or activated from any city within an Indian state. In case you have completely missed a call, then you can also find above details in the notification area.
The application is also capable of scanning all the recent calls that you have made or received. It can also detect whether a particular caller used a mobile phone or a land line (fixed line) to call you! The application can also sort all the contacts present in your phone book by their location (state and country).
All you need to do is to enter the first 4 digits (7509) OR all 10 digits (7509xxxxxx) OR STD Code of a number.
If someone has changed his operator under Mobile Number Portability (MNP), then the application may give you incorrect information about the operator.
While writing this post, the application only supports these international countries: USA, Canada, United Kingdom and China.
The application is ad supported, but you can purchase an advertisement free version from here. If you tap on any information icon, you will see the entered number, its state and operator name.

I don’t posses these devices, so I am unable to test the available applications for you. Important Note: Always download and install applications for your phone from official marketplaces only, unless you absolutely trust a third party website or developer. As you can see in above screenshots, in each and every email either the mobile number or IMEI Code is mentioned.
If you are assuming that you (or I) can easily get Name, Address, Physical Location and other Private Information of any person just by entering his number over various websites present on the Internet, then you are completely WRONG! If your phone is lost or stolen, then immediately contact customer care of your telecom operator and ask them what to do? If you want to block the number or would like to know its location, then the operator might ask you to lodge a FIR (First Information Report) complaint at your nearest Police station and may also ask you your phone’s IMEI Number sooner or later. No operator will ever give name, address or current geographical location of an individual to any internet website or a person, as it will be a complete breach of privacy.
Only police and certain government agencies can extract such information from operators, if it’s required by law. The content is copyrighted to Mrinmay Bhattacharjee and may not be reproduced on other websites without permission. Get analytical reports and business intelligence – ready on your desk with MOBITRACK VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM. MobiTrack locates your mobile with GPS and without GPS IN India "Mobile tracking is through SMS Mobile phone tracking software One can track mobile With simply Sending ???

Iphone apps can track your location, blackberry and previous gps tracking and get the most complete training log food diary available to monitor skype usage. If you would like to know the location of an international (ISD) number, then make sure you include a plus (+) sign with it.
Other Platform: If you are looking for a number locator application for Windows or Blackberry phone, then I will suggest you to search their respective marketplaces. But, if you find a good application, feel free to share its name in the comments section below.
I even received some Emails where the sender wants to know the real location of a missing OR kidnapped (screenshot) OR cheating (screenshot) family member!
It’s absolutely impossible for a common man to track any number and find its current location. In to find the sleep tracking apps for iphone; easy to contact support with all android spying software for android device. Picks for: search for iphone and monitoring your android location, best cell phone tracking and spy on the public. Duper data with an application from anywhere, call logs, budget tracking is an iphone previously and invisibly.

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