LadyK81988 wrote:sasp11 wrote:Did she request it to be put there or some mod just added it by themselves? Search and download new Rapidshare, Megaupload, Music, MP3, Movie, Video, serial, hdrip, 720p,Torrent, CDKey, 2014, HD, 2015 absolutely for free. I'm sorry if Brenda was pregnant and is not anymore or if she never was and it was a horrible rumor wouldn't the right thing to say is it's upsetting because of what SHE is going through? Although evidence was discovered some time later that the two-man crew of the aircraft had survived the crash, no trace was ever discovered of what became of them.

The pilot of the lost Beaufighter was Squadron Leader Wilbur Wackett, the 23-year-old son of Lawrence Wackett-himself an ex-RAAF officer who became well-known as one of Australia's leading aircraft designers. Wilbur had followed his father's footsteps into the Air Force before the war, and was a veteran of the air campaign in New Guinea where he had already survived being shot down and avoided certain death at the hands of the Japanese. So either the vagueness of not having the entire sentence from the mom is saying she's upset that she'd have sex before marriage and get pregnant or she's upset that she had an abortion.Or maybe the mother means it's not how they raised her to lie about being pregnant? Somehow I don't think they would announce the pregnancy if they were gonna have an abortion.

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