The following infographic illustrates how you can track a mobile phone using a smart phone, GPS technology and Crystal Ball’s Mobile Track business application. Lookout Mobile Security application is an application which basically helps you to safeguard your phone from all of the threats which generally one has to stay away from. Now, you may ask that why one require an antivirus for their Android phone, Android has till now not flourished as a Windows system has and is requirement for an Antivirus is necessary?
This security application has a database of the permission rights to your personal information, messages, network communication, account storage and also the phone calls, hardware controls and also the system tools can be controlled with this security application.
As soon as you open the application, you will see that there are four core options which are Security Status, Privacy advisor, Backup and also you can find the quick status of the missing device configuration as you can see in the below screen shot. You might have heard about the various security applications which may promise you about the Lost phone status but the fact is that not many of the applications help you in this crunch situation when a mobile phone is lost. With the help of this site, you can easily initiate the process of backup and restore, run a security scan, and toggle settings, although those features can be run directly from the phone. Please ask the question in the respective article from where you have had upgraded your phone.
Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. The Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite program wasn't just designed for acquiring correct directions to a particular location.
AccuTracking is a paid service that enables individuals to track the status of a Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iDEN, or Android mobile phone in real time. Some major cellular service providers in the United States offer location-based tracking for their mobile customers. Smartphones offer even more advanced tracking, courtesy of advanced operating systems and complex applications like Btracking.
Buddyway is a free option permits you to track, save and share your trips with friends and family members. Foursquare, Facebook Places and the GyPSii social network permit friends to voluntarily "check in" to a location, after which the "check in" is then visible to people in their networks. Using GPS to locate a cell phone without a person's permission is an invasion of privacy and is illegal. Tracking a cell phone using GPS can provide peace of mind to concerned parents and family members. For other older phones, which do not have GPS chips installed, enquire form the manufacturer, whether the phone will be able to accept the chip or not. After getting the GPS chip, install it into your phone carefully, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Find a location-based service company that usually works with the cell phone service companies. Now, follow the instructions to load the GPS-tracking software from the computer to your cell phone.
In case you do not want the user to know that his cell phone is being tracked, erase the message from his phone, after activating the GPS tracking service. Since GPS requires additional battery power, you will have to recharge the tracking cell phone more frequently. In case you have a cell phone with wireless internet access, you can make use of it, instead of a computer, to track the cell phone. The things which are very close and precious to us gives a lot of pain .if they are lost especially if it is something which is inseparable and has very much importance in day to day life. Finding a lost or stolen Mobile phone is a very difficult task ,in few cases come across some instance where we will able to find the mobile phone which is lost. First of all Ensure that your mobile phone is lost by calling your self and make sure that it is not with you.

Step 1- first of all lodged a missing complaint of your mobile phone at the nearest police station with out forgetting to mention your IMEI that the police department can trace your mobile with IMEI number.
Step 2- During these process some paper work will be done its better to keep the copies of that papers.
Step 3- provide the IMEI number along with file copy to the service provider which will help them to trace your mobile phone using IMEI number. Step 4 -the important thing you need to do is to ask your network service provider to block your number in order to prevent it from being misused. Step 5- with the aid of IMEI number if once your mobile phone gets tracked by police or service provider you will be consulted.
There is a greater possibility of tracking a smart mobile phone easily by signing in to your Google account ,as it will be incorporated with android os of your phone .updating and following up your Google account is the initial step as al the devices are connected to your Google account which will provide a simple and easy platform to manage them,there are two ways of gaining proof. This will end your efforts in locating your mobile phone as police or your service provider will take up the job of finding your lost phone.
Simply you have to log in to your I could account and click on find my Iphone ,if in case it shows enable find my Iphone before your phone was lost or stolen and your is on ,then it will show you the exact location of your Iphone ,if you feel like difficulty in understanding or recognizing ,the simplest way is to lock your Iphone.
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This Mobile security application is a very simple to use application as it’s even easy to navigate which is the best part of this application. The answer is yes, the requirement for the antivirus for an Android is necessary as there are many spy wares and virus wares which can affect the Android device and so does the requirement for a lite security solution arrives. Also, this application remains active even when this application is in the minimized state as it monitors the status of the security level in the real time manner and hence prevents the device from any of the threats as you can access Lookout from the app or a notification bar icon that also informs you of your status and also the with the help of the Settings option you can easily check on the customizations which this application has to offer. But this Lookout application offers a brilliant security phone tracker as it employs the GPS technology to track your phone. Also, this site maintains a log of activity which your phone undergoes as you can then analyze on the application’s behavior. It was also set up so that people like yourself can accurately track the location of your loved ones.
The service provides the exact locations of the device, providing the speed and direction of travel. For instance, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint all offer GPS tracking for both families and businesses. As a result, your loved ones need not fret in anticipation of your call when you are on the road. This is not real-time tracking, as the location of a device (or person) is not visible until there is a "check in" at that location. Legal exceptions exist, as parents can track their children's phone and employers can track the whereabouts of their employees using GPS. Log in and carefully follow the instructions to subscribe and download the software to your computer or laptop. Some services indicate the speed with which the phone is traveling, how long it has been in one position and even the altitude. Sometime we will be busy with several tasks with a busy schedule and all of a sudden we will forget the last place where we placed our mobiles phones or will be a victim to the light fingered gentry due to the absence of mind. IMEI stands for The International Mobile Station Equipment Identity.It is a 15-17 digits code which will be printed inside the battery compartment of mobile phone.
The first one is after login in to Google and click at account option which may be a proof in the drop down menu. Apart from the simple visual experience, you can even manage the settings in this application.

The Privacy adviser rounds up all the permissions from your apps and lets you know which apps have access to the different parts of your phone.
The available methods, however, differ based on the type of phone you possess and the type of provider with whom you're registered. The service claims to be a low-cost child locator, ideal for concerned parents who are on a budget. The phone's location is constantly updated and then transmitted to an interactive map that the mobile account holder may access from the Internet. The device needs to be GPS enabled, of course, but it also needs an active wireless data plan. However, it is illegal under United States federal law to install tracking software on an adult's phone without his or her knowledge. GPS typically requires a relatively good "line of sight" to the GPS satellites and it can sometimes take longer than expected to get "a fix" on a satellite using GPS. If you're simply worried about losing your phone or having it stolen, your best bet may be to opt for a free smartphone application. On the other hand, some services even send a text message to another cell phone, if the tracked cell phone leaves the pre-determined area. The backup features takes care of all the data including the photos, contacts, call log etc.
Account holders log into the secured web server and view the phone's position using a Google Maps style layout. Upcoming features include the ability to track friends and families directly from a social network like Facebook. Carriers are permitted to utilize triangulation, GPS and other tracking technologies in the event of a kidnapping.
What's more, GPS can draw a lot of power from a smartphone or cell phone, significantly reducing the battery life if the GPS chip is active for extended periods of time.
Keep in mind also that as technology progresses, more free options may appear on the market.
There are different sources that can be used to find out who is using your stolen or lost cell phone.
Here we are introducing a article where you can know how to locate track stolen mobile phone using IMEI number. There are two versions of this application, one is the free version and second is the paid version. However, such actions are usually coordinated with the police and thus immune to any form of prosecution. Some standalone GPS tracking devices can provide better battery life, but they may also carry a monthly subscription fee. Some of these sources include internet, directory services and hiring a private investigator. Though the free version comes along with the limited functionalities, the paid version comes along with the full functionalities. There are companies that charge to track cell phones as well, but it is possible to get this free of charge as well, provided your cell phone has a global positioning satellite (GPS) chip.
You can download this application from the Android Apps Labs or alternatively you can also download the application by scanning the QR Code which is listed below. Read through the following lines to know how to trace the location of a cell phone, using GPS.

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