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Lookout Mobile Security application is an application which basically helps you to safeguard your phone from all of the threats which generally one has to stay away from. Now, you may ask that why one require an antivirus for their Android phone, Android has till now not flourished as a Windows system has and is requirement for an Antivirus is necessary? This security application has a database of the permission rights to your personal information, messages, network communication, account storage and also the phone calls, hardware controls and also the system tools can be controlled with this security application. As soon as you open the application, you will see that there are four core options which are Security Status, Privacy advisor, Backup and also you can find the quick status of the missing device configuration as you can see in the below screen shot.
You might have heard about the various security applications which may promise you about the Lost phone status but the fact is that not many of the applications help you in this crunch situation when a mobile phone is lost.
With the help of this site, you can easily initiate the process of backup and restore, run a security scan, and toggle settings, although those features can be run directly from the phone. Please ask the question in the respective article from where you have had upgraded your phone.

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This Mobile security application is a very simple to use application as it’s even easy to navigate which is the best part of this application.
The answer is yes, the requirement for the antivirus for an Android is necessary as there are many spy wares and virus wares which can affect the Android device and so does the requirement for a lite security solution arrives. Also, this application remains active even when this application is in the minimized state as it monitors the status of the security level in the real time manner and hence prevents the device from any of the threats as you can access Lookout from the app or a notification bar icon that also informs you of your status and also the with the help of the Settings option you can easily check on the customizations which this application has to offer. But this Lookout application offers a brilliant security phone tracker as it employs the GPS technology to track your phone. Also, this site maintains a log of activity which your phone undergoes as you can then analyze on the application’s behavior.
Apart from the simple visual experience, you can even manage the settings in this application.

The Privacy adviser rounds up all the permissions from your apps and lets you know which apps have access to the different parts of your phone. The backup features takes care of all the data including the photos, contacts, call log etc. There are two versions of this application, one is the free version and second is the paid version. Though the free version comes along with the limited functionalities, the paid version comes along with the full functionalities.
You can download this application from the Android Apps Labs or alternatively you can also download the application by scanning the QR Code which is listed below.

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