Earlier we posted about how you can track real time location of a train in India using a tool from Indian Railways. Its great but it would have been better if the location of the train was displayed on a map of India.
When you visit the RailRadar website, it will display a zoomed-in google map that will show all the trains currently running in India. This tool is not limited to tracking or tracking the real time location of some random train that you can click on the map. Do check out this tool to trace or track the location of a train in real time and let us know what you think about it using the comments form below. Related: You can also trace a mobile number in India, trace a mobile number in world and trace a vehicle location in India. Irctc is planning to provide different useful facilities to all the people travel by trains.

Tracking where the train is makes traveler to make use of time remaining in other ways.Thanks.
People will be knowing where and when the train arrives to the station and use the time in alternate ways. They have now released a new tool, aptly named RailRadar, that displays the exact current location of a train in India on a google map. Bookmark us for when you are bored, and check out 'top shots' and 'fantastic (editors choice)' in the menu above, you won't be dissapointed.
Scanning the tracks for trains as I do sometimes, I noticed an approaching northbound that appeared to be moving rather slow. By the time I was there, I noticed the headlights of 101 had still not passed the signal just north of 6th Line. I returned to Side Road 25, and as I was coming up the crossing, the train was stopped just short of it, and the crossing lights deactivated right as I got there.

Now select the train whose location has to be tracked and the current running status is shown as below The best part of the new tracking tool is its user friendly interface (uses AJAX to display results immediately after typing).
Crew running out of hours, maybe?… Despite being close to Barrie, this seems like a random location to leave a train, on single track, and Baxter siding being less than 5 miles south of here. Whatever the reason, I decided to take advantage of this opportunity by taking a long exposure of 101.

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