Once installed, tap the main Settings icon, followed the iCloud option near the center of the Settings menu. Obviously, this doesn’t come highly recommended, but finding your iOS device once lost is likely the reason you chose to use the app in the first place. Once lost, you can either use another iOS device or your iCloud account via the Web to locate your lost or stolen device.
Additional options for remotely wiping the phone and forcing it to play a sound — accessible via the Actions option located at the bottom of the display — are also available, along with a intuitive Lost Mode that provides options for locking the device with a four-digit passcode and displaying a contact phone number of your own choosing directly on the lock screen. Open your favorite browser and navigate to the iCloud homepage before signing in with your Apple ID and password. Additional options for remotely wiping the phone and forcing it to play a sound should appear in the upper-right corner, along with a intuitive Lost Mode button that provides options for locking the device with a four-digit passcode and displaying a contact phone number of your own choosing directly on the lock screen.
In case your iPhone gets lost or stolen, you can easily track the location using Google Maps and send a SMS on your iPhone which will appear on its screen even if it is locked.
After you find out the location of your stolen iPhone using Google maps, the sound that you play can help you in tracing the thief within that area. ABOUT USTechBuzz brings you latest news about Technology, Computer Tips and Tricks, Gadget Information, How-To's - all under one banner. Find My Mac allows you to find any Apple device that has gone missing, by simply logging into iCloud.
First we'll tell you what to do before your MacBook is stolen (we're not saying it's going to be stolen, by the way, we have no inside knowledge).
You may have already enabled Find My Mac if you set up a free iCloud account to use with your Mac (if you are using iCloud it may even be enabled by deault).
Alternatively from this screen you can now either log in to an existing iCloud account of create a new one and then log in.
If your MacBook has been found by Find My Mac you will be able to view it on the map, switching between Map, Satellite, and Hybrid views.
Here's what you can do from the map view using the icons at the bottom of the page: you can remotely lock your MacBook ('Lost mode'), force your MacBook to play a sound or even erase its entire contents. If you opt to remotely lock your MacBook (or any of the other devices) it will shut down and set a four-digit passcode of your choosing. Playing a sound is useful if you have just lost your MacBook and want to locate a thief as he or she makes an exit, or even if you have lost it in the house somewhere. All of the actions outlined above can still be undertaken even if Find My Mac can't access your laptop.
I have lost my macbook, but on find my iPhone it says it was locked on a date and time that none of us would have been by the computer.

Afterward, tap the blue Get button in the top-right corner followed by the resulting green Install button to download and install the app. The feature also enables Activation Lock as of iOS 7 and later, which securely stores your Apple ID in Apple’s activation servers and automatically links to your device.
Once logged in, select the lost or stolen device from the list of devices setup with Find my iPhone to view the device’s location. Afterword, click the large Find My iPhone icon, click All Devices at the top of the window, and select the lost or stolen device from a the resulting list of activated devices.
Tap the gray Play Sound button featuring the speaker to force the your phone to play a high-pitched ping continuously for two minutes or tap the gray Erase iPhone button followed by the Erase iPhone confirmation to completely wipe your device of all content and user settings.
Rather than confront the potential thief yourself, it may be wise to contact your service provider and the police, informing them of the situation and your intentions to recover the device.
However, most of them come with some or the other drawback and end up being unsuccessful in tracing the device.
If you have Find My Mac enabled on your MacBook you can track it, lock it, and even message the oxygen waster who lifted your laptop.
If you are already logged in to iCloud, simply ensure you've selected the Find My Mac checkbox. You feel sick to the pit of your stomach because you know, you just know, that your MacBook has been stolen. Despite the name Find My iPhone can be used to trace any Apple device that uses iCloud and has been set up as explained above.
Unlike an iPhone or iPad you can't see previous locations however - it's just a snapshot of where is your device right now. Choose this option and your MacBook will emit a loud high-pitched alert when next it connects to the web. How did it get locked and what can we do to see where it was last located to see if it was truly stolen or if it is just lost. One drink turns to two, then three, and somewhere — probably in between the four shots of horrendous well whiskey and your oh-so-fantastic karaoke rendition of Jewel’s You Were Meant for Me — you go from a seemingly casual night out to completely painting the town red. The software even works on other devices including your iPad, iPod Touch, and even your Mac. A valid iCloud account is also required and devices that lack network coverage must be connected to a registered Wi-Fi network to be located. Said feature then requires your password be entered before anyone can turn off Find My iPhone, erase your device, or reactivate it.
They will work with you on this, and can advise you on how to use the powers given to you by Find My Mac.

It also sets a four-digit passcode that lets you regain access to your Mac if you ever recover it.
If you wish only to receive an email notification when your Mac does come online again, select the 'Notify me when found checkbox'.
It can even lock data remotely, erase said data to keep it from falling into the wrong hands or keeping it secure.
Your iPhone, the essential piece of tech that’s basically become an extension of you, disappears somewhere without a trace.
It won’t prevent you from losing your phone, but it may help you find it so long as you active the feature prior to losing your device. It requires no action on your part and serves as yet another security measure designed to prevent theft and unauthorized use of your phone.
The SMS and the sound can work as an alert for the culprit to return the device back to its owner. And if it is close by you may find that your friendly local plod is happy to take you around looking for it. We should also mention that any actions you take will automaically send you an email (to your associated Apple ID email address) to inform you of what your Find My iPhone has taken.
Now we’re going to scroll down and tap on iCloud (If it asks you to sign in just type in your Apple ID and your password). If you haven’t done this, make sure that you have either your Passcode or Touch ID and the Passcode enabled. From here you can play a sound or send a message, lock the device remotely or wipe it clean through the Internet.
Slide the button next to Play Sound to On or Off to enable or disable sound being played at full volume. After you send this, an alert will be displayed on your device and will remain there until the screen is unlocked.? While in lost mode, access to Apple Pay will be suspended until you find your iPhone and sign into iCloud. Click here to get yours.Let me know what you think about the Find my iPhone app in the comments below, have you ever had to use it?
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