Rear spot facing around the hole is a cumbersome operation while adopting the conventional boring bar with HSS blades or cutters. The back spot facer consists of a case hardened and ground alloy steel shank, which takes location in the hole on which back spot facing is carried out. The back spot facing diameter is offered in relationship to its pilot shank diameter – i.e. The automatic back spot facing tool, rotating in reverse direction, is inserted in to the hole. Keeping in mind the general shop floor requirements, the back spot facing tool is offered with various combinations so as to produce chamfering, duplex back spot facing etc. Dallas Indian Community, Online Desi Portal - Eknazar - searching for Dallas indian community,Dallas desi portal online?Eknazar Dallas indian community portal is best portal for desi information YELLOW PAGES; TOPICS . FREE Indian Classifieds In Dallas - Eknazar - Find our Dallas Indian community classified listings in Eknazar. IndianYellowPages presents verified business classified of Lathe Machines Suppliers Here you can find detailed Catalogs of Lathe Machines , with complete information about company profile, Services and contact details.
Wholesale Suppliers of Vertical Boring Machine, Lathe Machine, Radial Drilling Machine, Cnc Lathe Machine and Heavy Duty Roll Turning Lathe. We deals in lathe machine, milling machines, hydraulic hacksaw machine, power press, precision surface grinder, radial drilling machine, shaper machine, slotting machine etc. Suppliers of vertical turret milling machine, heavy duty lathes machines, drilling machine, milling machine, horizontal rotary table, vertical rotary table etc. Supplier of industrial plants, industrial machines, lathe machine, planner machine, shaper machine, shaper drill etc. We are suppliers of industrial machine, lathe machine, dusting equipment, dusting brush etc.
We deals in mechanical machine, cnc machine, vertical milling machine, lathe machines, milling machines, horizontal milling machine, radial drilling machines, surface grinders, cylindrical grinders, band saw and hack saw. Wholesale suppliers of crank shaft milling machine, cnc lathe machine, plasma cutting machine and skoda lathe machine. Supplier of lathe machine, milling machine, radial drill, vertical turret lathe, horizontal boring machine, gear grinding machine, tool grinder, cutter grinder, plano miller machine, mechanical power presses, hydraulic power presses, press brakes, hob cutters etc.

We are suppliers of lathe machines, boring hobbing machine, planer machine, sapper machine etc. We are the Wholesale Suppliers of Oil Country Lathes, Country Lathes, Country Lathe Machine, Metal Forming Machines, Power Press, Hydraulic Shearing Machine, Hydraulic Press Brakes and Radial Drilling Machines. Suppliers of industrial equipments, industrial automation, cnc machine, lathe machine, special purpose machine etc.
We are suppliers of lathe machines, shaper machines, radial drill machines, planer machines etc. Supplier of lathe machine, plano miller, milling machine, boring machine, special purpose machinery etc.
Supplier of gantry cranes, overhead crane, ph crane, planing machine, hammer machine, vertical turret lathe machine, boring machine etc.
We are merchants traders of lathe machine, drilling machines, milling machines, power press machine, tapping machine, plano milling machine, band saw machine, hacksaw machine, slotting machine, surface grinder, cutting machine, shearing machine and horizontal boring machine etc.
We deals in industrial pipes, industrial pipe fittings, generator sets, generator spare, power presses, shearing machine, lathe machines, machine tools and sheet metal components. We deal in used metal working machine, lathes machines, gear machines, forging presses, second hand machines etc. The wing, even it opens in rotation, instantly folds into the recess as it touches the rim of the hole in the work piece. A specially designed wing with extra long tang does the cutting successfully wherever intermittent cutting is involved.
With a free classifieds website, you can get your business online in few minutes without any marketing costs. In other words, back spot facing is possible with this type of tool up to approximately twice the diameter of the nominal diameter of the pilot, subject to some design restrictions. After the wing clearly comes out of the pilot hole, the spindle rotation is reversed to forward direction. It is important, in order to avoid damage to the tool, to ensure that the end of the tang ‘G’ has fully entered the drilled hole ‘P’ before back spot facing operation commences. The automatic back spot facing tool is specially designed to make the back spot facing operation faster and cheaper.

Tools below 12mm pilot are normally offered with solid HSS wing, having integral pivot pin. It is also necessary to ensure before reversing the direction of rotation for tool withdrawal, the tang ‘G’ is below the surface ‘P’. In the recess, the wing is eccentrically pivoted on hardened and ground pivot pin and pivot screw.
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As the most of tools are offered with standard carbide insert, all the advantages of insert tooling will be available. A suitable clearance is provided on the pilot shank to enable it to freely rotate in a drilled hole.
On completion of the spot facing operation, the spindle rotation is reversed and the tool is withdrawn. These tools are so designed that with various combination of pilot shanks, it is possible to obtain different back spot facing combinations. However, large tools operate in lower speeds, which mean centrifugal force acting on the wing may be insufficient, particularly when the tools work in horizontal position, thus resulting the wing to remain in the recess.
To overcome this problem, tools above 300mm pilot are provided with spring washer as shown in the sketch. The spring washer keeps the wing open after it comes clear of the pilot hole, irrespective of the speed at which the tool is being rotated.
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