Throughout exercise, keep knees and hips straight and support barbell against verticals with both hands to sides. ABOUT THE IDFAInternational Drug Free Athletics (IDFA), founded in 2005, is committed to promoting drug free (natural) bodybuilding world wide through education, awareness, camaraderie, and community involvement. This content is for Pro Membership Coaching package – LIFETIME access, Pro Membership Coaching package PLUS, Pro Membership Coaching package + Whatsapp and Pro Membership Coaching package + Whatsapp + Contest prep members only. OUR STORYBE is applying an engineering mindset to solving the intricate system that is life. The Gotco Reverse Circulating Junk Basket (RCB) is a junk retrieval tool designed to remove all types of objects from the bottom of the well bore.
Type A mill shoe is supplied as standard equipment with the cutting teeth dressed with hard metal and has side wings. Type B mill shoe is equal in design to the type A shoe, however it is hard faced with Gotcoloy a sintered tungsten carbide in an extremely tough matrix, which will effectively and rapidly mill up junk during the fishing operation. Type C mill shoe is also hard faced with Gotcoloy, however, is designed with a flat bottom, and the Gotcoloy is placed on the inner face and the outer face.

Finger Shoe - For retrieving loose junk on the bottom of the hole which may exceed the maximum catch of the RCB can be retrieved by use of a finger shoe assembly. Magnet Inserts - The RCB can be easily converted to a fishing magnet by removing the catcher assembly and replacing it with a magnet insert.
The exercise can be made more difficult by positioning heels closer to the edge of the platform. The IDFA will maintain the integrity of drug free athletics and sport through awareness programs and the promotion and sanctioning of drug free bodybuilding, fitness and figure competitions and shows. EXECUTION: This exercise is best done lying on a Bench Press bench that has a rack at one end. This superior tool removes such items as slips, hand tools, bit cones, and any other small pieces of junk from the well. When the tool is approximately 10 feet from the bottom of the hole, the ball is dropped down the drill pipe. This design is used to mill up junk and is extremely effective for cutting cores.(Type C Gotcoloy dressed milling shoes are used if the formation is hard or if the fish is embedded in the formation.

The insert still allows direct or reverse circulation and can be used with A, B, or C type shoes, or special shoes designed to customer specifications. The IDFA will have in place strict drug testing guidelines and protocols to ensure a fair playing ground at all IDFA sanctioned events.
The magnet insert is the same design as the Gotco Fishing magnet and by adding a top sub to the magnet insert, it can be used independently as a fishing magnet. Combined with the reverse circulation, this guarantees that any junk on the bottom is pumped into the barrel and caught by the catcher assembly.

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