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My latest book, Best iPhone Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders, hit bookshelves this week. Oa€™Reilly (whether youa€™re talking about the man or his company) has always been uniquely forward thinking about the intersection of books and technology.
As Tim noted in a pair of tweets, my Best iPhone Apps book is very much modeled on The Twitter Book. So a catalog-style presentation was a logical choice from an editorial perspective, but it also offers an important publishing advantage, too.
The iPhone landscape changes even faster than the twitterverse, with thousands of new apps appearing each month, a process thata€™s only accelerating.
Some will poo-poo the physical book and prefer to stick with the free online version, following it as a daily resource or dipping in for a once-in-a-while search. These factors mean that much of the projecta€™s success turns on the booka€™s designa€”its appeal as an object, its modularity, and the ease and speed with which it can be updated to keep up with the torrent of iPhone apps arriving daily. What made all of this especially exciting for me personally was that this is my first-ever outing as a book designer.
The projecta€™s emphasis on speed and turnaround meant that it was important to work with a tool that was author-friendly, an environment that married content and design easily and without distraction.
Not only do the layout and application make it easy to add new apps to the book, but I tried to create a bright, gem-like design that reflects the spirit of the iPhone interface, too. In the end, it all came together in what I believe is a great combination of form and function. These are all cool looking apps, while searching on iTune in the category of fashion and art i found "iWound" its a wounder mag with all latest updates. Smart Watches, Wearables, and That Nasty Data RashThe real luxury of wearing information is not in exposing ourselves to every passing data point but in filtering that data in ways that deliver insight and amplify our humanity. Making of: Entertainment Weekly's Responsive Mobile SiteEntertainment Weekly has a new responsive mobile website, and the design is a Global Moxie joint. New Rule: Every Desktop Design Has To Go Finger-FriendlyNew hybrid keyboard-touch laptops and tablets have changed the game. Making of: People Magazine's Responsive Mobile WebsiteGlobal Moxie designed the new responsive mobile website for People Magazine.
Touch Means a Renaissance for Radial MenusRadial menus are suddenly in vogue, but it's not just passing fashion. Grids, Design Guidelines, Broken Rules, and the Streets of New York CityThe history of New York City's aggressive grid of city streets offers plenty of lessons for digital designers.
Although this is the small list and my favorite apps details and interested in searching for more to find out full details on what you can get from Apple as the best iOS apps Of 2013 over at iTunes?
I have been using an iPhone 4 sketch template that I found on the internet to draw all of my app wireframes.
These ones that I have provided here are actually 1:1 ratio if you print them off at full size.

In fact, Free Music Downloads Pro comes with a three step process, with each step corresponding to one major section of the app. Besides the built-in browser, the player is the second most important part of Free Music Download Pro. We offer consulting services, training, and product-invention workshops to help creative organizations build tapworthy mobile apps and effective websites.
Ia€™m proud of it for lots of reasonsa€”fun content, tight writing, colorful design, and a topic thata€™s at the bleeding edge of consumer computing. The typically savvy thing about Oa€™Reillya€™s latest experiment with Best iPhone Apps and others is that wea€™re exploring how technology affects not only form but contenta€”the way we read and tell stories. Instead of a sustained narrative about getting the most from your iPhone, the book dedicates a page (sometimes two) to an individual app review.
Best iPhone Apps is essentially a catalog, a format thata€™s not itself anything new in publishing. This modular page-per-app approach means that the book is easily updatable (dropping in a new review is as easy as dropping in a new page), which likewise makes collaboration easy (other authors can contribute a page here and there). That means that updates to Best iPhone Apps, as with The Twitter Book, are necessary and inevitable.
Adding a new page is as simple as choosing a layout template from a menu and replacing placeholder images and text. I not only wrote the book but I also crafted the entire interior designa€”the layouts, illustrations, colors, and fonts. Top: Best Apps at Work, Best Apps on the Town, Best Apps at Leisure, and Best Apps at Play. The book offers useful, timely content in an elegant wrapper that happens to be designed to keep it useful and timely. When any desktop machine could have a touch interface, we have to proceed as if they all do.
Below are the free apps, games and some entertainment apps and also mixed up with paid apps for both the iPhone and iPad. Head over to this link here, where the list includes some best music apps, films, TV Shows, books and iOS Apps. Since the iPhone 5 is 176px taller, I made this sketch template at the iPhone 5 size and thought I would share it.
Could you tell me what’s its precious size, width*height, which I can adjust in illustrator? Forget about using your computer's browser to get your daily dose of free downloads and then transferring those songs onto your iDevice. Open up the app and use the built in web browser to navigate to the websites that allow you to download their music, videos or tunes.
Most of all, though, ita€™s been especially exciting to be part of an experiment in publishing by my publisher, Oa€™Reilly Media, in an effort that company chief and big thinker Tim Oa€™Reilly has called Reinventing the Book in the Age of the Web. As Tim wrote in his a€?Reinventing the Booka€? post, the web has made episodic content comfortable and familiar; blogs, Wikipedia, and Twitter feed us brief dispatches that depart from traditional, long-form narrative.

Ita€™s a collection of bite-sized content appropriate to a collection of bite-sized mobile apps. Wea€™re still sorting out the schedule of these updatesa€”it depends on how the book sellsa€”but all of this means that the book is a living organism, both online and in print. As Ia€™ve written (at length), Pages is a terrific writing environment, with a combination of style and substance perfect for writing a book like Best iPhone Apps. With Free Music Download Pro, you can just as well use the app's built in browser to download those same songs right onto your device.
Once you locate the tunes you want to download, tap the download button and the app will begin downloading. So when Tim and Sarah Milstein wrote their terrific bestseller The Twitter Book earlier this year, they purposely embraced this approach, even writing and designing the whole book in PowerPoint for its idea-per-slide format. Every page is its own self-contained tale, a review of a single iPhone app, complete with full-color graphics and screenshots wrapped in a gorgeous design (if I do say so myself).
Look no further than the booka€™s companion site, Best iPhone Apps, which trickles out a fresh review from the book every day, with content already perfectly suited to the web. It will evolve as the market of iPhone apps continues to evolve, a quarterly (for example) report on the state of the iPhone.
As Kathy Sierra is fond of saying, a€?atoms matter.a€? There are certain print-only benefits of portability, browseability, and giftability that only books can offer, and all of us enjoy the tactile pleasure of a physical object, especially a book as pretty book as this one.
The entire book was written and designed in Pages using a handful of page layouts, templates that are easily redeployed for new app reviews. The river flows both ways: Ia€™ll be adding fresh reviews to the site which will, in turn, make their way back into the book with each new printing. Even though the info is available online, therea€™s something irresistible about the atoms. Pages makes this easy by letting you capture page layouts and reuse them for new pages, dragging and dropping new screenshots and icons into place for each new app.
Mobile apps sport a bevy of buttons to dismiss a view, but their proper placement isn't always obvious. If you are at all familiar with the 960 grid system, you would know that 960 can be divisible evenly by many numbers—2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 20, 30, 40, 60 and more. The app even comes with a file manager built in, that includes folders, moving, renaming or deleting files and basic search and sorting. You will see in the template that all the squares are 40×40 except for the top row which have to be a fraction of a full square.

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