Reverse phone lookup services have been around forever but they are mostly limited to a particular country or region. If you are unhappy to see your number listed in the app’s database there an easy way to delist it. About The Author+Namit Gupta is a web enthusiast and blogger who loves all things technology.
Countless times in your life, you will come across a situation where you need to reverse lookup a cell phone number or a landline number.
While finding free reverse phone number lookup service, for land line numbers may be easy, same is not true in case of cell phone numbers. First and foremost, ensure that the site is authentic, which can usually be confirmed by a Verisign authentication badge on its home page.
Reverse Phone Detective: One of the most used reverse lookup websites is Reverse Phone Detective. Reverse Genie: This web site offers a reverse lookup service for land line, as well as cell phone numbers.
I hope, this article has made it easy for you to locate the best service which will eminently serve your purpose, at lowest rates, while providing accurate information. There are many situations when a quick cell phone number lookup is called for but the common means of doing so like background checks and private directories often require steep payments. People traditionally associate the white pages solely to landline numbers but this is a false notion.
Information hunters who are attempting to use this tool should first learn about the process that enables the whole operation. And if there’s a call from an unknown number, it queries its database and shows the caller details on the phone screen if a match is found.

TrueCaller, which launched in 2009, claims to have more five million users and a global view. When you install the app it uploads your phone’s entire address book (that includes names and phone numbers of contacts) to TrueCaller servers. If you find yourself in such a situation today, you can rest assured that there is a lot of help on the Internet, when it comes to running a reverse lookup. Since there is no official cell phone number directory provided by any of the cell phone companies, you have to rely on paid services offered by web sites, which can run a reverse cell phone lookup for you. One reason is that there is quite a variation in the prices charged for the service and you don't want to end up paying a big amount, when you could have gotten the job done, quite cheaply. I thought this compilation of the top reverse lookup services will simplify the search for such a facility.
The information about matching contact number will be texted to the cell phone number you provide to the web site.
If you need to run a reverse cell phone lookup frequently, it is best to go for a service that charges a yearly one time fee to supply you with the necessary information. However, there are actually ways of conducting cell phone lookup by name for free or for small fees and these are discussed below. Porting is the term for phone number migration from landline to cell phone as users are doing more often for convenience. In some cases, the site may also show you the profile picture of that person along with their recent status updates on social sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. So beware, don’t install this app if you are apprehensive about sharing your address book with anyone. You can choose a site after going through the best reverse phone number lookup service reviews presented in the following section.

The best services reviewed in the following list are all verified to be authentic sites which provide accurate information. Otherwise, if you rarely use this service, it is best to go for a one time fee, by opting for a site that offers it at the lowest price. The listings are becoming more varied such that this approach should not be discounted outright.
To make this transition go as smoothly as possible, phone companies allow people to use their existing landline numbers for their mobile devices. A random search on the Google search engine will provide you with a number of websites which offer reverse cell phone lookup. Remember that free cell phone number lookup is definitely a myth and don't let any website fool you into believing that it's not so. They include sites which provide reverse cell phone number lookup, as well as reverse landline phone lookup service. While it is true that using this tool does not guarantee results, it is free of charge so there is nothing to lose. This means that though a number is now tied to a cell phone, there’s a good chance that it has been recorded on the white pages before. The only exceptions are when the owners paid to opt out of this automatic listing and a few other rare scenarios.
Cellphone numbers acquired directly are much trickier to find because of rigid laws on privacy enacted after they became popular.

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