You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Flip open the phone to find a very bright and sharp 1.8-inch, 176-by-220-pixel main screen and a keypad with attractive, ridged keys that become backlit in low light. The VX5500 worked well with its 2.5mm headset jack, as well as with our Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth headset. Like almost all Verizon phones, the VX5500 can do text and picture messaging and IM on the AIM, Windows Live, and Yahoo services.
It's a straightforward, inexpensive, and professional-looking voice phone that has very good battery life. The adjustable earpiece volume can be quite loud, although you can hear just a touch of distortion at top levels. It also smoothly triggered voice dialing, handled by the generally accurate Nuance suite, which doesn't require recording voice tags or training.
But it's difficult to get your photos off the phone: You can't use USB or even, in this capacity, Bluetooth, so your only option is to send them to yourself using the text-messaging application.

For e-mail, you can use the $5-per-month downloadable Verizon Mobile Email or Vemail programs. The newly released LG VX5500 is a brand new popular cell phone sporting brand new features like text messaging, speakerphone, voice dialing and more. Transmissions on it don't always sound terrific, but if you get the VX5500 free with a contract from Verizon, it nonetheless makes a good, if basic communication device.
There's a lot of side tone—the feedback of your own voice into your ear that many people find pleasing.
You can transfer your own MP3s into the VX5500's 35MB of free memory, but you can't use them as ringtones—you can only play them on demand. The phone also plays downloadable games and has a very basic WAP browser, which surfs a limited number of Web pages over Verizon's relatively slow 1X network. Accessory Geeks has the most complete line of LG VX5500 accessories like plastic hard cover cases, silicone skin cases, cell phone chargers and much more. Transmissions, on the other hand, had trouble with background noise: Although the noise didn't come through, it caused calls to skip and pop.

Games aren't a great experience, because the phone's high-res screen is so small: Characters in games like Pac-Man become absolutely tiny. If you're looking for something a little more stylish, try the Nokia 7205 Intrigue instead. Even with cell phone accessories being in high demand for the LG VX5500, there is no need to worry about a shortage with Accessory Geeks.
The speakerphone is on the front of the flip, but annoyingly, it doesn't work with the flip closed.
With the flip open, the speakerphone has satisfactory volume, but you'll be tempted to turn the phone over.

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