You can expand your company's perceived geographical presence without the expense of increased staffing or premises.
Local businesses can acquire Virtual Phone Numbers in neighbouring localities and have calls routed to their existing landline or mobile. Virtual Phone Numbers give potential customers the impression they are speaking to a local company and that they will receive a more accountable and personal service.
Virtual Phone Numbers are not attached to any physical line so there is no requirement for additional lines and no extra line rental regardless of how many phone numbers you have.
You can take your numbers with you if you move without incurring additional expense by simply re-routing your Virtual Phone Number to your new premises. Different Virtual Phone Numbers can be incorporated into local advertising activity such as Yellow Pages, Local Press, Local Radio etc. A landscape company based in Warrington wanted to obtain new business from the more affluent Wilmslow and Knutsford areas. They acquired 01625 and 01565 Virtual Telephone Numbers to gain a local presence in these areas.

A taxi company based in Southend bought a memorable telephone number which diverted to the driver's home and mobile phone simultaneously. A financial services company in Manchester needed to expand into other cities without the costs of additional infrastructure. They acquired numbers in 10 cities along with Call Recording without the expense of a new telephone system. Continent Telecom offers full complex of VoIP telephony services both for small business and large corporation. For example, if you buy Philippines DID virtual local phone number and forward calls to your landline (mobile) phone number in London (Tokyo, Berlin, Beijing, Shanghai, Paris, Mexico, Istanbul, Moscow, etc.) the client will think that you are situated in Philippines. Continent Telecom provides local phone numbers in 90 countries of the world, more then 6500 cities.
The company also provides international multi channel virtual local numbers (also called multi channel DID, direct inward dialing numbers). You can forward calls from your local phone number in Philippines to any number: landline in office and home, mobile phone, Sip and Skype account.

If you have no office in another city or country you'll have virtual local number there and you'll have a possibility to take incoming calls.
Or if you live in Canada and your family, relatives and friends live in Philippines you can get a VoIP DID virtual phone number in Philippines and divert incoming phone calls to your Canadian number.
It allows you to decrease the costs of office rental and staff significantly and to save company phone number after you change address.
The incoming calls to virtual phone number are automatically forwarded to another landline or cell phone number of that city or country which the client chooses. Interlocutor will be sure that you are situated in the same city or country with subscriber who bought virtual phone number.

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