If you have a windows phone, iPhone, Blackberry or Android, you can download the SlyDial app here and connect to the person you want to reach that way. If you are looking to find out who called you using a service like Slydialer, be sure to check out this article here: Lookup the name behind the person who called you. Never Miss A Method!Sign up for our email newsletter to receive the latest updates directly to your inbox! Whether one ever believed that the world does not get more developed and nothing happens with technology, as far as the cell phone number tracing concerns, one was very wrong to assume this.
This evolution of technology took longer as the cell phone numbers do not belong to the public record and one had to contact the cell phone number carriers to get a hold of the proper information.
In the contract it is stipulated that the reverse phone number directories are not allowed to offer the information for free as one should enter a membership account and should pay a certain fee.
The fee is not much to pay, it ranges, between $14 to $50, depending on the directory you chose and on the kind of information you want to be provided with. If this service has come out on the market, there is no need to worry about finding out information. These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. Over 300 million phone records and over 2 BILLION records altogether covering 95% of the US adult population.
First try the Free reverse cell phone lookup for company 1 and Company 2 and see what you get. This method will discreetly allow you to hear and even record a voicemail message to the person you are trying to reach, as long as their phone is on and working correctly. Slydial is a free service that connects you directly to someones voicemail so you can leave a voicemail message. Note: In some situations, people have said that when they called the person they wanted to leave  voicemail with, the person picked up the phone and answered, this is very rare and you can report these phone numbers to SlyDial directly so that they can fix this in the future. No one believed that this service could actually work at some point and people will be able to be provided with proper information in a short period of time.

Eventually, they got to a conclusion, and the cell phone carriers allowed the cell phone reverse search directories get a hold on their information, as long as they sign a contract. The actual amount of the fee does not interest to the cell phone carriers, but they need that this fee is done by a credit card or by a PayPal account. Apart from the fact that one may find information about the owner of that specific phone number, one may as well find out information regarding the full background of that person.
Use a directory with a large database – no database carries information on the entire US population.
Use a trustworthy service with a good reputation – Some of these websites try to install malware on your computer.
Use a directory that gives maximum details with a simple reverse cell phone lookup – these are typically ones that provide other searches like background checks, neighborhood checks, date checks etc. Use a directory that offers FREE reverse cell phone lookup options – Free reports are obviously not as comprehensive as paid reports. Pay ONLY if the Free results are not sufficient – as mentioned earlier, cell phone numbers are NOT listed on the white pages or yellow book.
Read the fine print – some services will give you a STEEP discount like 75% off the regular price.
In most cases what happens is that the service connects you to the voicemail you are trying to reach, then the person you are calling receives a voicemail alert 30 seconds to a minute after you have called, informing them that they have a new voicemail. You may be surprised that you are totally wrong and that you will find suitable answers to all your questions. This will enable them to get a hold of the person that asked the information, in case it is used in illegal purposes.
Therefore, one may get a hold of that person’s educational status, employment status, actual career, another phone numbers that person may own and as well the criminal record, if that is the case. One must have some computer knowledge and an internet connection in order to go on with the look up. As you may already know people change their cell numbers and these numbers often get recycled.

However, the best directories carry information on as much as 90% of US residents and over 1 billion records in total.
Their databases are much larger than those that provide only cell phone number lookups and therefore can provide more information on cell phone owners.
This is awesome, but they give the discount with the agreement that you try a particular membership for free for a particular period of time.
This method will allow you to be directly connected to the persons voicemail, your phone number WILL show up on their phone unless you are using a number cloaker. This service works the other way around as a normal phone number look up, meaning you will have to introduce the phone number and you will be provided with that person’s name, instead of introducing the name and be given the phone number. Whether you do not use it in any of these purposes, you will not be molested, not will you jeopardize your personal data. The reason is that even though these directories help you I finding your way around them, you have to know how to establish an internet connection and how to use the internet.
This is why a free cell phone number look up will not give you a ton of information, however, as we said earlier, in many cases, the free results can in fact be satisfactory. This is an extremely useful feature because sometimes the automated software just don’t work and you need the help of live human beings. It first came out on the market, a long time ago, at the beginnings of 1990s and it has been used ever since.
At the end of the trial period, you will be automatically charged $xx as monthly membership fees or annual membership fees. While at the beginning, this was destined, just to be in the help of the reverse phone number lookup for landline phone numbers, with time, the cell phone reverse search evolved as well.
Contact live support and from our experience, they are able to dig out the info almost every time!

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