Telecoms, restaurants and even the humble mamak are causing confusion among Malaysians as they charge GST without needing to. There were glitches and hiccups on the first day as the Goods and Services Tax (GST) structure kicked off. Reloading mobile phone prepaid credit from Maybank2u was subject to the 6% tax although it not supposed to be taxed. Input Tax is the GST charged on the purchase of goods and services used in the business stage.
At Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism or use the MyKira GST app is also available to make a report.
Consumers expecting the tax to be assessed separately after the itemised bill was totalled were surprised to find that the GST element had been included in the net selling price of every item.

There were also uploads of receipts which showed GST was charged for newspapers and Touch ‘n Go reloads which were part of the list of GST-free products. Calculating GST requires a computerised audit system, handwritten receipts are not allowed. This is to ensure that small businesses can survive by being GST-free and are not required to bear the costs of registration. She is very open to witty conversations, good music gigs, and believes that adventure is everywhere for those bold enough to seek it; while wearing a pair of funky pants of course!
However, if the retailer is not found in the registry, the next measure should be to lodge a report with the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-opperatives and Consumerism. The GST is not charged on consumers because companies pay for it beforehand and claim it from the government as Input Tax Credit.

In the case of an eatery, besides the 6% GST taxed on food, another 6% will also be taxed on the service charge. Item S is calculated with the 6% GST and the total amount of RM1.50 is the tax for the groceries.
However, retailers that have not reached the minimum amount can also voluntarily apply to be GST registered.

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