Very often in the process of validating physician DEA and state license numbers it is necessary to contact physicians directly.
By integrating physician phone numbers with the DEA database, the time consuming process of finding physician phone number can be cut dramatically. Or simply look up the physician as you normally would using the DEA Lookup search form - searching either by name, or city, or license type, etc. Unlike federal DEA numbers, there is no one government database in which state license numbers are stored. For this reason, validating large numbers of state license numbers from the various 50 states and professional designations has become a major headache for many healthcare providers and transaction processors. The professional edition is linked to well over 100 state license databases and is organized by both state and by professional designation.
Simply enter the state license number [Example 1], select the state and professional designation, and with one click you will go directly to the state license validation screen you need. You can now validate state licenses for multiple professional designations from all over the USA with one powerful interface.
The professional edition is the most efficient tool available for validating large numbers of physician state license numbers.
Each subscription to the professional edition also includes the Standard State License Lookup tool.

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