Verizon Wireless is the one the largest phone carriers in the world, and with that comes millions of phone numbers that are easily searchable online, all for free. The rest of the 50 states and military bases are available in paper format by ordering a white pages book from Verizon.
After you have the phone number identified, to the left will be the community the phone number is registered in, and the first column is the name of the person whom the phone number belongs to. Never Miss A Method!Sign up for our email newsletter to receive the latest updates directly to your inbox!

1) Ability to list your mobile phone – including privacy controls that allow you to hide the number.  This makes you reachable just like a landline white pages listing.  Why list yourself?  Think about it – wouldn’t you want to be reachable if someone found your wallet or if your neighbors saw someone questionable trying to get into your back door?
Last but not least, please be assured that we won’t misuse the names and phone numbers you look up by spamming them with unsolicited phone calls or text messages to use our service – that’s not the way we do business.
This entry was posted in Whitepages News, Your Digital Identity and tagged carrier, cell phone plan, free calls, lower bills, Mobile, reverse lookup, save money. If you don’t see the phone number in this directory, that means it has either been hidden or is new enough that the Verizon Whitepages have not had enough time to be updated.

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